Coded Language: Times Black Celebs Were Called “N-Words” Without The Actual Word Being Said

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Times Black Celebs Were Basically Called N-Words

Coded language is a real thing. It’s a way to call minorities racial slurs without actually saying the word. They get called “thugs,” “uneducated” and all sorts of other words that basically mean “N****.” Don’t believe us? Think we’re being sensitive? Just look…

Salon Calls Nicki Minaj’s Comments About Miley Cyrus “Savage”

Idris Elba is “Too Street” To Play James Bond – Elba? The guy who wears three-piece suits every damn day?

This Vogue Cover Making LeBron Pose Like King Kong AKA A “Monkey”

Karl Rove Called Common A Thug – When Common was invited to the White House, he was called all sorts of insulting things.

When All The White Tennis Players Played On Stereotypes Of Black Women Femininity To Call Serena Manly In The New York Times

When They Said Zendaya’s Locs “Smelled Like Weed”

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