Attention Whores: Lady Gaga is Always Flossing Her Pale Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

Lady “Pale Cake” Gaga is seen her with her pasty boyfriend on a pebbly beach. WTF? We think Akon made a very smart business move by signing her and her cakes are plump, no doubt, but she is a thirsty attention whore; simply put.

Pop it to see more pasty cakes

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  • Menominee Nation

    …and her music is kinda terrible.

    ….and she got doggie tiddys.

    …and shes butt f’n ugly.


    what does she do…..

  • Menominee Nation

    …and for the record, her butt is not that big. i dont get it…i dated a filipina with a TON more donk than that and thats saying kind of a lot.

  • Menominee Nation

    ^^^^this is what “the shit” looks like^^^^

    …tell me im wrong for thinking she is hideous???!?

  • missunderstood (tomorrow will come and boy I can't wait, it's our anniversary!)

    Lady Ga Ga looks like Lady Ca Ca in the face, so she better keep showin off them cakes!

  • Chocolate Dynamite

    But What the hell kinda beach are they on???? These fools are chillin on rocks. That ish looks like the playground in the hood.

    She should have at least enough cheese to go to a real beach with SAND.

  • The Bear -

    Smart business move by Akon. I KNOW he is getting PAID off of her success.

  • .........

    her butt looks like booty shots to me, before i saw a pic her butt was flat now its all hard looking.

  • .........

    plus shis always showing it in every picture,. sure sign of a fake ass!


    cant read my cant read my no u cant read my poker face..the song is kinda growin on me.

  • Shay

    No sand or dirt near the beach. Who puts their beach towells down on pebbles?

  • http://BOSSIP NAIOMI

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her she is definately the future and current of music

  • Genshari

    Honestly now, u ppl seriously have some nerve!!!:”Lady “Pale Cake” Gaga is seen her with her pasty boyfriend”. If ne1 in the media was to go off on a black person about their skin colour like tht, automatically thts racism, yet u feel the compulsion to talk about 2 white ppl in a manner which is obviously meant to sumhow degrade their skin colour. Maybe in ur books theres sumthing wrong w/ the colour of their skin. But the fact of the matter is that black is beautiful, yes, we’ve established tht as black ppl, but sumwhere along the way we seem 2 hv lost our mindset tht there is beauty in every skin colour. Maybe u dont personally see it, thts perfectly ok. But tht doesnt give u the right to try draggin sum1 down because u dont like the complexion God chose to give them. Hu the frig do u think u r????

  • yanb

    “pasty boyfriend”

    wow, thanks for that lack in inteligence.

  • Leave a Reply

    black women, wake up, those fat dimply asses are not… as you would say “the biz”- no one wants a big ol funky ass. she’s built very cute. stop being so jealous.

  • K-mia

    she has a nice normal sized ass

  • JUDY

    She has nice legs.

  • Yani

    Lady GaGa iz da shiz so all yall haters need 2 shut the frikk uhp

  • zyn

    pale skin is much more beautiful than dirty black skin. sounds like some peeps are jealous.

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