Mel B:”I’m a Nymphomaniac. We Do It 5 Times a Day!”

- By Bossip Staff

So we’ve finally figured out what Mel B’s secret is regarding that rock hard @ss body she’s been flaunting all over the place. Ole girl is gettin’ it in rabbit style with her man. Damn, that’s all it takes to get a body like that? We’ll start choppin’ it down right now

“I’m honestly not body-obsessed – I can’t be with three kids and a husband. My husband likes my muscles, but then he’s seen me every which way over the past eight years – including when I put on 42lbs after my last pregnancy and he always loves my body. In fact, on top of all my exercise, I have sex with him five times a day – maybe that has something to do with it. I have to admit, I’m a nymphomaniac with him. It’s sexercise!”

That’s an exercise plan we are completely in support of.


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  • Chocolate Thunder:


  • Don

    2nd! Get it Mel!

  • Chocolate Thunder:

    That’s a lot of luvin’ Can U say Viagra?

  • pm

    talk about drained balls

  • Sawyer

    …and aint nuthin wrong with that Mel B! Sheeeeet under her definition theres a lot of Nymphos running around the earth then! I’m one of them!

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    In the words of John Witherspoon~~ BANG BANG BANG!



  • Ummmmmm....

    I can see 2, maybe 3 times (mid-night, morning quickie and after work) but anything more than that — either you don’t have a job OR that is your job!!

  • Hannibal


  • Me No Likey "When Amber Rose wears sneakers"

    Don’t think 5 times a day is even possible.
    Someone is going to be limp and the other person is going to be sore is all Im saying!

  • Hannibal


  • chosen-2-b-fly

    I had a relationship like that too! Ok, I was in college and had a lot of time to kill.. I didn’t even think of cheating because I had enough sex. ok, I admit it! -I miss those times! but where are the nympho women when you need them?? I’ve been looking for a nympho like that for a while now!

  • sushine20745

    i have it everyday with my it

  • mamamia

    That’s craziness. I’ve done 4 times in one day but then it was off limits for like 3 days bc I was sore like shit!!!

  • mamamia

    and how has she been with him for 8 years if she had Eddie’s baby not too long ago?

  • Undacuvabrutha

    And I love you sushine for that comment.

  • LetItBeAMansWorld_AsLongAsICanBeAWomanInIt

    I wish I could find a man that didn’t have a problem with 5 times a day…

  • GoodKarma4Me

    5 times a day is possible but who wants to do it that much…shoot once a day is good for me. U know u gonna be swollen after doing it that much…ugh i could just imagaine

  • undressingHER

    now that’s what I’m talking about.

  • DICooper

    After the first two times, I’d be like “I’ll be right back.”

  • missunderstood (tomorrow will come and boy I can't wait, it's our anniversary!)

    “he’s seen me every which way over the past eight years ” – where exactly was Eddie when this man was “seeing you”?
    Something ain’t all the way up and up about her Eddie story.
    and he body was the SHYT post baby, now it’s looking hard and body-builderish… IDK about her, but my man likes soft, womanly features…

  • ms. truth

    Mel must have the looses pu$$y ever. They have to do it five times b/c four of those times did not take. Get over yourself!!! No wonder Eddie ran screaming from you and had to leave his poor baby girl. Mel be is certified CRAZY!!!

  • Chocolate Wisdom

    Chocolate Wisdom says, “Five times a day means they still do it real fast… When they grow up they will learn to do it one time for a long time and be satisfied.”

  • chosen-2-b-fly

    my prayers have been heard 😛 hit me up! ->

  • pm

    @HoneyBunches.. u might need a new partner.

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