What the Hell? A White HBCU Queen?

- By Bossip Staff

Ole girl up top is cheesing like that because she is the Queen of Kentucky State University, an HBCU:

Kentucky State University is an HBCU which lies next to my heart. My sister, who just finished medical school, spent her undergraduate career there, so I was kept in the loop when the world seemed to flip on its head regarding who the students chose to hold the title of Miss Kentucky State University.

As you can see, she’s not exactly what one would expect an HBCU Homecoming Queen to look like, but Elisabeth Martin’s skin color likely reflects one of the many faces that define Historically Black colleges in the new millinneum.

So, while I was personally dismayed that Kentucky State University (along with many HBCUs around the nation) seems to be forgetting about the importance of having African American faculty, the truth is that we are in an era in which one needs to determine what it means to be an HBCU.

Personally, I love the fact that the students at Kentucky State chose Elisabeth Martin as their homecoming queen. Martin, a 21-year old International Studies major, won the crown by a landslide, dominating the competition.

It has been her race, however, that has sent shock waves through the Kentucky State University community. But Martin takes the heat in stride and carries herself with a grace and class that should make the campus proud.

The fact that the students love her so much is verified by her love for the campus and commitment to school spirit. She has also handled the national media attention like a true queen should.

Awww, hell! First HBCU’s can’t get any love from Obama and now white girls are gettin’ crowned HBCU queens?



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  • Kiss the ring bitch!

    Dayum Beckys are everywhere! SMH

  • Mandah! i get tired of the "race wars" , bossip. i really do...

    if the girl attends the school then whats the problem?

  • Hannibal


  • Da Angel

    she won by merit .so what is the problem?

  • alb

    i agree this isn’t a controversy. Congrats Elisabeth!

  • Shay

    Any white person who has no problem going to an HBCU I can give props. Good for her.

  • Dr. Winkie


  • Nique




  • missunderstood (tomorrow will come and boy I can't wait, it's our anniversary!)

    used to dwell right down the road from this school, and there are plenty of talented, pretty, smart sistas that attend. However, if the other students voted for her, and she’s a student as well, what’s the problem?

  • Ms.P

    Uh…the only reason she is the Queen of KSU is because she was VOTED the Queen. All she did was run and ask for votes. Don’t be mad at her. Be mad at the people that voted for her. Which I’m sure 99% of her votes came from blacks since its an HBCU

  • 5star


  • barb

    i dont see a problem.
    good for her!

  • Cynthia

    If a White guy was named Rapper of the Millenium, Black men would have a problem with that. Yet again, Black women get screwed over by Black men. How not typical of them…yeah right. Queen of an HBCU is not just about merit; it’s also about celebrating the beauty of educated, Black women. Sistas need to open up the rainbow like Black men already have.

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    That’s democracy. If the school wants to vote in a Becky as their queen, so be it.

    So what if she’s not the prettiest girl on campus? This society is so damn brainwashed. You believe what the mainstream media – run by Madison Avenue, the most racist Media/Advertising medium in the country – tells you is beauty standards and believe you are developing your “own opinion” when you remark on someone’s looks.

    Last time I checked, our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, great-aunts and all other beloved matriarchs in our families did not look like airbrushed, pencil sticks and yet they were all beautiful to those of us who loved them.

  • Cynthia

    Can a Sista get some glory? Her 15 minutes?Dang…Pathetic!

  • Doomster


    I totally agree with your last sentence. i dont understand why more black women dont venture outside of their race. especially looking at the lame black dudes in my area. i wouldnt let 99% of them near my daughter (when she grows up). Get a job/education/something to hold up your pants, bums!

  • Cynthia

    Let’s get real. Selecting a beauty Queen has a lot to do about physical beauty. Men are attracted to women mainly for their beauty and secondly for things, such as, personality. If you pick a beauty Queen, who is physically unfit and ugly, was she so much better in personality? The bar is always lowered for White women when compared to the beauty of Black women. I see too many times Black men date attractive Black women and ugly, fat, and sometimes old White women.

  • http://bossip fateful


  • Reasons

    don’t worry, blacks will always choose a white chic over the many beautiful black chics available

  • DW

    College pageants aren’t like Miss USA, they’re not based solely on looks. Anyone who has attended college knows this. I highly doubt the students at this school voted for her strictly because she was white. Quit making something out of nothing.

  • Dave

    So, what if a black women went to an mostly white college and won, thats whats wrong with blacks, we have too many double standards

  • Honey Model --- ("Pretty Wings" by Maxwell is my song!)

    Congrats to her.

  • I.H.I.

    Look dummies, we are not post-racial!!!!!! Now people just practice color-blind racism! That’s still racism last time I checked!

  • Cynthia

    Now,where did racism come into the picture? And where the heck did you come-up with reverse racism? It’s all about self-hate that we as AA do to ourselves. We aren’t the only people but it needs to stop. It’s ok to be proud of who or what you are because you can’t change that. Not even Michael Jackson can do it. When you idiolize people for being white or light; it’s sick…a disease. You can’t evolve into a better human if you can’t accept and love yourself…your blackness…your gift of melanin that protects you from the sun. I don’t care how many White people you vote as your representative or how many White people you date; you are still Black. Once you wear your blackness as a badge of honor and strength then you can assimilate on equal ground.

  • Cynthia

    A Black woman winning Queen at a predominantly White school means she was 10 times better than her opponents. Tell me I’m not telling you the truth. And I’ll call you seriously dillusional. When a Black woman represents, she represents. She’s never a bobblehead when she takes the crown.

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