You Are Still On Trial… What the Hell is So Funny Chris?

- By Bossip Staff

Chris Brown was seen out last night at the NBA Finals having a good old time, just a cackling it up, with Rihanna present at the game too. Why is he acting like he’s not on trial? He’s lucky RiRi didn’t show up with her new side piece Drake. We’re sure Breezy wouldn’t be smiling then.

Pop it and see some of RiRi looking ticked at Chris “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” Brown at the NBA Finals and as she leaves JFK to head to Orlando rocking some bad @ss Brian Lichtenberg type leggings.

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  • Domio a la Mode

    There are no shots showing they were there at the same time…anyways…if I was her, I’d skip the party, I mean game, too!

  • k


  • Jay Ant


  • Hello

    They ended up sitting in the same row as eachother, after rih changed her seats three times

  • CJ


  • Breaking the monotony (Lean)

    People have done worse…he can LAUGH! no reason to be depressed for months worrying about something that’s already done! (not the trial but the “fight”)…and if it isn’t trial time no sense in stressing it…

    “YOU CAN’T CRY OVER SPOILED MILK”-some old cliche!

  • rome a.k.a. (Tiger Hood!!)

    OMG!! Is he supposed to never smile again? He got a friggin charge for cryin out loud. Is he supposed to walk around with his head down for the rest of his life because of it. Yoou guys act like he killed Mother Theresa or something! Geez!!

  • whatever

    He is ugly liek a dunkey!

  • jswang

    Why shouldn’t he smile? Should he walk around and be sad all the time? Get over it. He and Rhianna has.

  • statim08

    It’s a phony laugh. You could tell he’s trying too hard. The trial will quickly wipe off any hint of a smile.

  • dayg715

    lol, please, as if Drake could whoop Chris’ ass.

  • Be Original

    Awkward…and why does it seem Rihanna just now decided to go to games? LAME!!! Don’t be a fairweather fan.

  • JB (Wii'ed out)

    Why does he have the new baby tag on his wrist? (New Rumor alert)!

    Morning Peepes!!

  • TheTruth

    F_ck that sh_t…he’s already hit that b_tch in more ways than one…why would he care who she’s f_ck’n…I’m glad he’s enjoy’n life.

  • Lisa Vee

    @JB…dont start! LOL! Why is his shirt button all the way up?….that’s why he’s smiling…all the blood is rushing to his head.

  • E$

    A Monster will do that, laugh in the face of justice

  • JB (Wii'ed out)

    @ Lisa Vee

    His shirt is buttoned up to hide the hicky given to him from the party down in Miami he attended with Mario

  • Madness!

    Looks like she has another coldsore coming in on the forth picture . . .

  • yummy

    Why is she in Orlando anyway? Chile, please

  • chris

    what the hell? can’t the boy have a good time? get off his nuts!!!!!

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    LMAO! So what? They should start avoiding events that the other is going to be at? Lol
    They attended the same game…nothing more, nothing less. Not a big deal.
    P.S Chris Brown looks like a murderer. I hope Rih had her security. Lol

  • Leroy

    let that boy live his life… he not on trial every second of everyday… He facing charges and got lawyers doing the work on his behalf – so why can’t he laugh. Innocent until proven guilty…

  • Man I just dont care™

    Domestic abuse IS hilarious C.Breezy. Can’t deny that.

    ha ha ha ha ha.

  • mickysweets

    all you females who love this nikka look at those big a*ss teeth big enough to bite riri with, lmao. he needs to go somewhere.

  • JB (Wii'ed out)

    Morning Man

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