People Ain’t Isht: Psycho Strap-Hanger Caught Rubbing One Out Aboard NYC Subway

- By Bossip Staff

NY Woman Snaps Photos Of Man Masturbating Aboard Subway Train

New York is a weird azz place. One woman’s recent experience on a subway train is proof of that…

A story in the NYDailyNews reports that Tiffany Jackson was riding the train with her dog and caught several photos of a man staring her down and masturbating.

“I just wanted to get his face out there since so many of my homegirls take the same train”

Jackson was able to find an MTA employee to make a complaint and that’s when isht got REALLY ugly.

“He rolled his eyes, annoyed, and radioed dispatch.”

“The conductor grumbled and told me to just go upstairs and report the incident to the booth.

“Not upset about jerk-off guy, there are creeps all over this city,” she wrote. “I’m more upset how the MTA handled themselves.”

“They acted like I was more of a nuisance than trying to help me, and sent me right in the path of danger.”

No surprise that an employee who works for the city of New York could care less about the people they work for. *side-eyes NYPD*

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