Janet Jackson’s Gettin’ Thick With It

- By Bossip Staff

Janet has been seen out and about quite a bit over in Europe these days. She’s seen here hanging with her favorite Prince, Prince Azim. Guess the Europeans don’t mind the extra baggage Miss Jackson is toting. Yeah, Janet has packed on the pounds, but as you can tell, she is still part of the Prince’s stable. Peep her ridiculous heels? Janet’s still got it going on.

Pop the top to see more of Prince Azim’s stable and some more pics of Janet at the airport in a denim fit that shows that thicka than a snicka like figure

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  • Nigga Said

    Samantha Mumba looks like she isnt aging to well. All Janet needs is some box braids and a bad attitude and it’ll be Poetic Justice 2009.

  • peop

    Which one is Janet??????????? Lmao

  • whatever

    like the shoes of janet!!!!!!!!

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee ♥

    Mumba got one big ole sixhead, Janet shoe game on point and she looking nice.

  • Demeter

    janet doesn’t look terrible, don ‘t all the stars gain a few pounds between albums? When she drops that cd we’ll see her back to form.

  • Tina

    very nice,, i heard many celebrities have a account on _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ “”””””, i.m doubt since i found her profile.. you can talk with them online, it’s awesome~~~

  • luvchild

    I need those shoes in my life!

  • dooby

    Dag — can you leave Janet alone? Was today a slow news day? She still looks good!

  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    She looks daym good for her age..daym good

  • Red

    Janets shoe game is ridiculous! I need both pair in my life asap! She looks good.

  • Beigelake

    I am loving those shoes!!!


    Janet looks awesome. her shoe game is always on POINT! and her bodyguard is FINE!!!!!

  • Lisa Vee

    Shoes are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nigga Said

    Its funny how women go crazy over shoes. I didnt even realize Janet had shoes on. She could’ve been barefoot for all I know.

  • gina

    i think she looks fab. what pounds has she packed on?

  • http://mockrockstar.ning.com Mock Rock Star

    I think her and that Prince make a nice-looking couple, but she has to stay faithful to Jermaine

  • Nigga Said

    @Angee: Ridiculous. Lol.

  • Hmmm

    She put on a little weight – but she’s still gorgeous.

  • Lady Architect (Too Much Knowledge Can Hurt)


  • BE

    Janet always gets thinner before she goes on tour, I actually think this is her true weight and she is not fat.

    Those shoes, those boots – they are the busines!

  • B

    Love her!!!! Looking just as beautiful as ever…she isn’t big at all. Can’t wait for the new cd, which is in production with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis; and Why Did I Get Married Too? which starts filming this summer!!

  • .....



    I think she looks great.As long as she’s healthy and comfortable with it,thats all that matters.For people who don’t know,its called “getting it good” weight.By the way,the shoes are hot!

  • Red

    I’m going shopping when I get off work!

  • http:/yahoo.com LUMINEERS

    janet looks good, and those shoes are the bomb i need those and look who she is hanging out with, you go janet, and i just know that janet can still move that a** in her dance routine like nobodys business, janet has staying power and in a big way.

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