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Broadway Actors Called Slurs By Taxi Driver, Wrongly Arrested

Two broadway stars have filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages after a racist run-in with an NYC taxi driver in which he hurled slurs at his passengers before having them arrested after falsely accusing them of skipping out on the fare.

30-year-old Christina Sajous, an African American actress who starred in the Broadway show “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark,” hailed a cab to Harlem with fellow actor, 34-year-old Ethan Paulini one year ago on September 11, 2014. According to the suit filed in Manhattan Federal court, the driver that picked them up refused to take the West Side Highway, despite the fact that it was the most direct route to their destination.

When Sajous let the driver, 35-year-old Gregory Adolph, know that he needed to follow the route they suggested, he allegedly replied, “I don’t have to do anything for a n*****.”

An understandably shocked Paulini responded, “What did you say?” to which Adolph replied, “Now the f***** got something to say.”

Disgusted and offended, the pair insisted the driver immediately let them out of the vehicle, which was now near Central Park West, and claim they paid him $20 for the $19.50 fare.

However Adolph refused to let them out of the car, insisting that they had to complete the journey because he wanted the full fare. He allegedly told them he didn’t want to pick up another passenger going downtown from the “filthy n***** neighborhood.”

When the actors threatened to call the police, Adolph allegedly replied, “Who would believe a n***** and a f*****?”

Apparently he was correct. When the actors exited the vehicle and tried to reach their destination by the nearest train, they were surrounded by police on the platform and told to return to the street. Adolph had told cops that the two refused to pay their fare at all.

Paulini says he handed the taxi driver another $20 bill, saying, “If this makes you go away, please take it. Now I paid it twice,” before reaching into his pocket to show officers the receipt from his first payment to prove that Adolph was lying.

Of course, the ever-rational NYPD officers immediately screamed at the man to never place his hands in his pockets around a police officer, and told him to show his receipt to the judge before pushing both actors inside a squad car and charging them with “resisting arrest” and skipping a cab fare.

All charges against the pair were thrown out last year. Both are seeking monetary damages from the racist homophobic cab driver and the four NYPD officers who wrongly booked them.

We hope they get EVERY penny. SMH.




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