Reverend Jeremiah Wright Angry With ‘Them Jews’

- By Bossip Staff

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been a controversial figure from the moment he got his media shine on as Barack Obama’s pastor. Unfortunately, this man doesn’t seem to know when to sit down, shut up and hold it down for the black community. Once again, he’s spouting his extreme views, not that we want to hear them. Pop the lid for more

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  • Dior


  • Hannibal


  • sushine20745

    this guy needs to stop hatin

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!! Lev 20:13


  • Just My Thoughts

    He is alright. He is only a problem because the media makes him one.

  • Hannibal


  • me (the original)®

    Sometimes, silence is golden. Apparently, this man didn’t get the memo.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!! Lev 20:13


  • loulou

    rev wright better be careful if he keeps going on about obama and the jews he’ll soon be getting a visit from Rahm.

  • Christmas Jones

    Oooh black people, can we not air our business in front of strangers. I need an intelligent brotha to “when having a personal matter keep his business at home because he’s grown”

    He like an Auntie Antoinette, that tell yo mama, daddy, relatives, close family members and strangers that you disrespected her at Walmart, when she yelled at ya to “git yo black a$$ over here and help me curry dis here to the car” and ya said no, because damn she been working your nerves all do, and she promised she would tell yo folks when they got home. And knowing you’d get hell, she acts as the town crier and puts every little thing you did wrong on blast to pump herself up, make herself look like the victim, make herself look mistreated and make you look DAMN disrespectful when all the while…*panting*, she just plain.ol.crazy.

    Thats what Rev. Wright reminds me of.

  • Nicole

    This needs to be filed under “Ho Sit Down”

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    He is a media hog. As a preacher his only concern should really be that he preaches the gospel correctly. The problem with most preachers is that they want to take on world matters. Jesus left preachers on this earth to save souls not tackle world matters. He needs to stay in his place, instead of perpetrating that he has all of the answers to world affairs.

  • that's wazzup

    Rev. Wright needs to shut the hell up and sit down!!!! He almost ruined President Obama’s election.

  • Christmas Jones

    @Rrrrroe Ski Love…amen. lol

  • Anon E. Mussenhousen

    He ain’t lyin

  • Christmas Jones

    OH and P.S. if it weren’t for “them Jews” reverend Wright would not have a Bible to preach out of. He practices what you call “blind faith;” he knows nothing of whom he prays to. Either he needs to do research, convert, or have a nice cup of stfu. 🙂

  • My2Cents (Natural Girl)

    @Rrrrroe Ski Love: You are absolutely correct, they shouldn’t mix.

  • white male

    I like jews

  • Menominee Nation

    OH and P.S. if it weren’t for “them Jews” reverend Wright would not have a Bible to preach out of. He practices what you call “blind faith;” he knows nothing of whom he prays to. Either he needs to do research, convert, or have a nice cup of stfu.

    thank you for being the voice of reason in this thread.

    PS they both are “ethnic cleansing” each other. most of the drivel that comes out his mouth i would expect to see written on a bathroom wall in shit. I cant stand cry-baby conspiracy theorists!! do some pushups if yer mad, sheez!

  • Moreaces

    Dude is off the hook

  • john hope franklin

    zionism is racism!!!
    any time you have children throwing rocks at tanks-the kids will win…

  • enkogkneegro

    How effective is one if he himself practices what he decries. if there is truth to anything he says he detracts attention away from it with his at times racist rants. I myself find him to be accurate on some issues but the message can easily get lost when mixed in with a bit of vile verbiage…….

  • D.wood

    He’s no preacher,, he lost that path a long time ago,, Now he just want’s fame God 2nd,, adding what he feel need to be added or deleted from the bible.. I’ll still pray 4 him let peace come back to his heart and mind..

  • DirtyBird

    Ole JW is alright with me. Like the cat says he’s a pastor not a politician so if you ask him a question he got a right to answer b/c he doesn’t have to play the political game. Plus the media coming up in his church getting 30 sec sound bites trying to make the man look like he the angry black man and the whole time the man is speaking about what needs to be done so progress can be made for Black people and America. No matter what he does the media is always gonna portray the man in a negative light but obviously Barack thought well of him before his Presidency and since they couldn’t find any real dirt on Barack the Media go at the Black Church.

    It’s no secret that Most BIG MEDIA is Jewish owned so JW has a valid point. There are many preachers, rabbis, priest etc… that say stuff way more controversial than Rev Wright but the reason why they don’t make the news is b/c they weren’t supported by Barrack.

    The media needs to keep the Church and State separate and concentrate more on what’s goin on with the economy and jobs vs worrying about WTF Rev Wright has to say.

  • Naughty Girl

    ahahahha this is hilarious… Obama loved and supported this man for YEARS. All of a sudden dude’s out in the streets. And apparently, this is the SAME rhetoric he spouted in his “church” when Obama was his loyal member.

    Wake up people!

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