Columbus Short Gets It In During Rehearsal For Album…Yep, Album.

- By Bossip Staff


Columbus Short’s camp reached out to Bossip to let us know that he has been working hard on a new pop and R&B album.  

He’s so passionate and people don’t really know that he’s going in like he is. He’s about to do a film The Losers in Puerto Rico. He’ll be filming his video there as well.

Peep the kid killin’ some footwork in the rehearsal footage below.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • kk


  • Gig

    During “Cadillac Records” I thought this guy was LUPE FIASCO. Those dudes look like brothers.

  • blaqkink

    WTF another one, lol… I thought Jay said Death to Autotunes… Please brother spare us. your moves are recylced and tune is tired. Leave it to the young ones. why can’t you be happy acting. there is more money in that!

  • biscuitmd

    he’s so adorable… i dunno about all these singer/actors but it doesn’t sound too bad… if only he were just a lil taller… but i guess he’ll fit right in with all the other r&b lollipopkins

  • K-mia

    he’s a cutie, he did well in Cadillac Records

  • Daphne

    Wasn’t he the guy that was messing with Britney for a minute while his girlfriend was pregnant? Before KFed?

  • Denise K

    he is so fine! he can dance all over my kitty

  • Kanyade

    He’s a cutie…….good luck to him 🙂

  • Chitown4life

    He looks like Nick Cannon a

  • shawntel

    he could get it..anyday


    I will definitely be purchasing his album!! I love Columbus!!

  • Ashlee Jones

    His a good actor and dancer but him sing we’ll just have to see. Lets hope he don’t have a one hit wonder

  • What Happened

    I love Columbus! He sounds great! I can’t wait to buy the album

  • BlackBeauty

    Loved him in Cadillac Records, I wish him nothing but he best.

  • zappy


  • *..MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOhoes*..

    ZAPPY columbus short

  • Madame

    nice moves …


    He is so talented. Good for him and I hope his album does great. He is an amazing dancer!


    Loves him!

  • Mahogany Elle

    He’s such a cutie pie. And was great playing Little Walter in Chess Records. Will be great to see what he comes up with!


    No, thats not the same guy, you’re talking about Charles Hamilton

  • jo


  • I remember!

    Ya’ll don’t know??? He’s another dude on the DL, believe that!!

  • oh lord

    i know him somewhat personally, and i can vouch and say he’s not gay-so much so that he’s been intimate with one of my friends and myself(seperate occasions OF COURSE) whilst he is currently married and has a kid.

  • knottmyhair

    i love this guy….he’s a cutie and he played his azztec of in Cadillac Records! he’ll go far.

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