Geriatric Pimpin’ – BDR’s Smashing Noemie Lenoir?!

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, first this chick was making out with Terrence Howard, now she’s supposedly Russell’s new tenderoni. And y’all know how Russ gets down:

According to one of our sneaky sources at, Uncle Russie just might have met his match. If you’ve been out of the “Uncle Russie Loop” during the last three months, you’re probably unaware that Russ underwent a successful surgery to remove an infection from one of his hands. Since the surgery, Hip-Hop’s favorite Uncle’s been quietly recovering with some SERIOUS assistance from a particular African-French Goddess. Enter Noemie Lenoir. she’s graced the pages and covers of such publications like Victoria Secret and several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues.

Well, according to my sneaky source, who was actually visiting Mr. Simmons, explained that to me that Simmons and Lenoir were damn near inseparable. Though the source revealed there wasn’t any type of public displays of affection, had the two been alone, it would’ve been a completely different story. “It was crazy how their eyes followed each other around the room every time one of them got up to do something. The interaction between them seems refreshing on both parts. They looked really happy.”

Well, this one is brown so we guess we’ll shut up. Oh, and she’s a certified banger. Can’t forget that.


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  • test


  • K-mia

    she’s effin gorgeous. too good for Russ

  • Hater

    She’s got a baller

    Plus old man dont like black

  • ValleyGirl

    Russell Simmons seems very centered, calm, and intelligent – I can see why he pulls these beautiful women.

  • mark ginnis

    russ is gay! that is why he changes girls

  • Nadine

    I thought she was married to some soccer player. Well that doesn’t mean anything nowadays.

  • DDub (keepin' it real since Wesley's mugshot)

    He’s damn near a child molester. Luckily he has money to placate these broads.

  • FrenchDouchebag

    In french, the way we define such certified banger is by saying: “Putain! ce qu’elle est canon!”

  • Daphne

    lol @ French Douchebag

    No way! He’s not dating her. Hello, she’s black! Plus, she was messing around with Captain Baby Wipes, EWWWW.

  • http://bossip bb

    This woman is married and has a son with Chelsea footballer Claude Makelele

    Why would she hook up with these effeminate men

  • Nikky

    Noemie was dealing with Russ a few years ago.

  • deesac

    I seen a commet about him being old and F@$king youg girls so what the deal with all these old trix out her F$@king young boys now.

  • Kanyade

    @ bb,

    That’s what I thought. I was just about to say she’s married to a soccer player and has a child with him. 😆

  • suanny


    Claude Makelele is a Paris SG player ^^ and he is always married with Noémie Lenoir. =)

  • http://bossip bb

    This woman will not ditch her husband for bony old BDR

    Makelele is rich and Noemie is not short of a few bob herself

    I hope her husband does not kick his bony ass



  • MulattoMom

    Nah I don’t believe that…she likes masculine, chocolate men (just like I do hmmmm) and besides she’s married with a son…what the hell would she want with that wrinkled up fag?!

  • Caramel Cutie 1984*** i bet half the bishes on here is ugly and fat!

    she’s pretty unlike all the nappy headed bishes on hear daily hating.

  • saucey


  • Genni

    see and the other white chick he was with was all over the internet talking about how happy her and russ was, telling black women to “get their own man”

    looks like she need to get her own man now…

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Is claude makelele african? Am a big fan of chelsea, but havent heard of him.

  • Genni

    lol i agree totally with you leeha…no one with “true love” for you, would set you up for a downfall like that….i mean dude made her look like a tru fool…

    and thats what she gets…

  • Thornie

    She’s married with a kid, and her husband is a lil crazy so I hope this isn’t true.

  • African Princess

    @ miss dior, he is african, straight out of congo

  • Your friendly neighborhood weedman

    Good for you uncle Russ. Good for you 😀

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