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If you don’t want to know the winner of FL3, don’t go under the hood

We are hearing rumors that this girl right here won FL3. Her name is Candance Cabrera and is Terrell Owen’s ex.


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  • E-Money


  • Cage

    Is that T.O. bum ass?

  • Mimimumbi

    Umm, Okay and First for Once

  • Mimimumbi

    Damn, okay Third! LOL

  • Kiavana

    Wow They Ain’t Gon Last Long His Dumb Ass!

  • Black to tha Bone

    Props to Flav. He likes the blue eyed beauties such as Brigitte Nielsen and I respect that.


    i wonder if he’s cried yet after hearing the news????

  • Kompton's Kutie

    This girl obviously is looking for fame….NEXT!

  • Southern Belle 225

    so the f what………..

  • Black to tha Bone

    T.O. is the truth too. That advert of him lifting up Nicollete Sherdian got him major Kings of Swirl points.

  • bree

    LOL..has anyone seen the FOL3 episode?..all the girls with the exception of a FEW, have dyed weaves’/extensions/big t & a..these girls are so fake, i can’t even take Flav hoping this will really be the last season..most of these girls look cheap, cheaper than the 1st 2 seasons

  • Soulwoman

    So T.O. is only down with the swirl? I have seen him with a few women and none of them were Black. SMH.


    Even though he is a cry baby…I would let T.O poke.

  • OneStep

    @Bree. Flavor Flav claims this is the last season of the show.

    Let’s be honest, NONE of the women that sign up for these shows are interested in him. They all have hidden agendas. Most are wannabe actresses, models, singers looking for their big break.

  • NYC

    She looks like she should be doing my laundry

  • Rico 9


  • Roe ski love

    Wow this must make T.O. feel real stupid. Of all the women in the world I had to make this Skeezer my woman. Now her true colors are coming out. I wouldn’t bone any of the FL3 girls even with heavy duty Jimmys.

  • chloe

    Now, maybe in the beginning I could believe that some of the girls were there for Flav (season 1 & 2) but this season is SO fake. You can just tell all these girls aren’t interested and Flav looks more terrible than ever….

    Everyone is sitting at home laughing AT Flav…and i dont think he realizes that…and if he does, I am sure he doesn’t care.

  • VicKaLiCiouS

    hmmm what’s her name on the show?

    FOL is so fake, yet very entertaining. All of the girls on the show are wanna be models or wanna be actresses. They all have agendas. But hey, it’s entertainment. Glad the writers strike is over…i’m maxed out on reality tv

  • Black to tha Bone

    Soulwoman why are you shaking your head over TO? Why you want to keep him back in the ghetto? He deserves the finer things in life.

  • chloe

    Yall stop dissing T.O. because he cried. Big F* deal, alot of guys cry win they lose a game…hell a lot of guys cry period! Hell, when the Lakers lost the whole damn team was crying…. Anyway.

  • chloe


  • T.O is a B_TCH

    I have no Love for T.O he is a sell out in more ways than one…ole cry babby. As far as Flava of Love—they need to bring a DENTIST on the show because there isnt one female on there who has decent smile and majority of them needed braces like 10 years ago. And those twins look a hot mess they should have thought about a dentist before they thought about a weave. It is a shame that these women DEGRADE themselves just to be seen on t.v. Hell if you gonna make a damned fool out of yourself you could have gotten a makeover (TEETH and ALL) before going on T.V and making asses out of your GHETTO ASSES.

  • Black to tha Bone

    Knowing the touch of a white woman brings an emotional side in a brotha. We lay down the hard front and just get enveloped by the purity of it all.

    T.O. knows how the sweet touch of Jessica Simpson would affect his own life so feels for his quarterback just the same. Makes sense to me.






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