New Video: Cassie Ft Diddy “Must Be Love”

- By Bossip Staff
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This new video of Cassie featuring Puffy called, Must Be Love debuted over the weekend…

What do you think of the video and Cassie, in totality?

Click Here to Watch!!

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  • Tee


  • k

    it will flop.

  • Damon



    I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing. They both sound a mess…

  • LOL

    I wish they woulda just let Day 26 release their version.

  • Mz Blaze

    I like the beat and the background music (kinda reminds me of some 90’s shit) but the vocals leave me hangin.

  • me (the original)®


    The beat is nice. The rest = fail.

  • always knew

    cassie= beautiful girl

    unfortunately, no talent…

  • Leelee

    Yawn…5 sec was enough for me to move on

  • fee

    I actually like this song. And it does sound better than Beyonc’e music. I am not all that crazy about Diddy, but this is a nice song. Come on guys, give credit when it’s due. It’s really not a bad song. I think if Beyonc’e or someone else really popular was singing it, people would like it.

  • Girlie Girl

    I tell you what, this chick Cassie will never go down in history as a great singer but listening to her reminded me alot of Janet Jackson. Difference being, Janet is an all-around entertainer – smashing the choreography and the costumes and always had the bomb beats.

  • knottmyhair

    (The Color Purple Nettie)Whyyyyyyyy? whyyyyyyyyy? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Girlie Girl

    @ knottymyhair

    You are funny!

  • Winona

    Must be boring…

  • Bee Lovely

    Poor things. I mean really???

  • Woudat X

    @ Mz Blaze

    my sentiments exactly

  • isabella27

    Normally I would support a new Diddy project and I did like Cassie’s “Me and You” but this is wack! It’s a little cute as far as the beat.. but is is kinda 90’s and I think Diddy should’ve let Dawn from D-Kane sing this.. her voice is the bomb… had he put her and her man Q… it would’ve been more believe-able!! Sorry.. I love ya Diddy.. but you could’ve chosen a better singer.. Cassie’s voice is not strong enough for the songs he’s picking and she has a Disney sound.. maybe they’ll pick her for a cartoon.. SORRY.. I’m not a singer and I could live with that but at least I work where my talents are strong!! HINT HINT!

  • Mock Rock Star

    Song’s not bad, but Diddy is annoying. Making the song should be an instrumental

  • 21:03 We All Need To Be Covered

    It’s… boring.

  • Honey Beauty

    Her vocals got better. I give her that.

  • Blackpearl09

    I couldn’t listen past 2:00 minutes, and he’s never been a great lyricist but he sound’s offbeat and stupid!


    guffaw @ backingbarack.

    She’s the Sarah Palin of pop rnb. Attractive, but not up to the job.

  • pj

    Puff, P-Diddy, Sean Combs ur starting to look like somebody’s perv uncle! Stop it u r too old to be out there like that! She is a Baby with minimal talent!

    Please give everybody a break!

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