Tameka Foster’s Lawyer: “Don’t Get it Twisted, Tameka is an Amazing Mother and Wife”

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Not that we don’t think Tameka handles her biz as a mother but as a wifey, we’re not sure she’s as stellar as her lawyer is paid to say she is. Obviously things aren’t going too great in the marriage department otherwise she’d still be wifed up with Usher. Pop the hood for more including Usher pics in NYC after the divorce announcement

‘We were hoping this case would be resolved privately,’ lawyer says of Usher divorcing his wife, Tameka Foster-Raymond.

Randall Kessler, who is representing Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster-Raymond, in their impending divorce, has spoken about the couple’s split. On Friday, Usher filed for divorce from Foster-Raymond after less than two years of marriage. The couple have two sons together: Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd Ely Raymond, 6 months.

Kessler told The Associated Press that Foster-Raymond, 38, was a “faithful wife and loving mother,” and declined to comment about Usher’s conduct during the marriage.

He also told People.com that he and his client will respond to the divorce filing in a “timely manner,” adding, “We were hoping this case would be resolved privately, but since Usher filed it publicly we will have to respond.”

Kessler added to E!, “She’s trying her best to take the high road and not attack him.”

People also spoke with several sources close to the couple about the split. “No one I’ve spoken to is surprised,” one source said. “As bad as this is gonna sound, it was never a matter of ‘I wonder if they’ll divorce,’ but more like ‘I wonder when they’ll divorce.’ ”

Another source said, “They peaked before they even got married. Right after it was over, they started to drift apart. [Usher] just wasn’t ready to settle down, at least not with her.

“They’ve been going their own way for awhile,” the source added. “They don’t spend a lot of time with each other. When they were together, it was all about the boys.”

The marriage reportedly has been strained for months now. Sources have said the pair haven’t lived under the same roof for quite some time, as Usher has relocated to Nevada to work on his next solo album. Pictures and video of Usher, alongside Jermaine Dupri and others, partying in Las Vegas have appeared online in recent weeks.

The couple’s relationship has been fraught with controversy ever since Usher broke the news — somewhat off-handedly — to MTV News in March of 2007 that he and Foster were engaged. The couple married later that year in Atlanta in a simple ceremony, after canceling the original, more lavish wedding. Rumors were rampant about the reason for the cancellation of the original wedding plans, including that Usher’s mother disapproved of the relationship, claims the couple later denied.

Throughout their marriage, the couple was dogged by insinuations that the singer was being controlled by Foster, and further reports of discord with his mother, whom he released from her duties as his manager in 2007 before rehiring her the following year. Questions about the singer’s fidelity also arose. Usher took umbrage with much of the discussion and fired back at the gossip in interviews.

In a “TRL” appearance in May of 2008, Usher unleashed a verbal broadside about the rumors. “I love my wife very, very much,” he said. “There was a little rumor earlier this week about us separating. It ain’t true. We in love. Get outta there,” he said, raising his left hand and showing off his wedding band. “Matter of fact, I’m tired of people continuing to talk so much trash about me, know what I’m saying? And my relationship.”

Early this year, Foster suffered cardiac arrest before undergoing plastic surgery in Brazil. Upon learning of her condition, Usher canceled his performance at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala and flew to the foreign country be to with her. Davis told the crowd at the party that Usher had to leave town due to a “serious injury in the family.” People’s sources called the event a “brief reunion in an otherwise troubled marriage.”

Of course her camp is going to spin some perfect woman campaign in order to get people to be on her side. We know the truth about Tameka and her drama. We’re not buying her goodie goodie image one bit.


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  • Smoovee Sayz

    Oh man…this is so very sad…divorce is always a hard thing…
    As for Usher…
    Does anybody know if Chili is still available??

  • Smoovee Sayz

    lol @ Kush…
    (They also say Usher might play for the other team…)
    Regardless I will always love them two together

  • jasmine

    she got between usher and his mother… I knew she lost her dang mind. No woman gets between a man and his mom. Don’t tell the man what to do with his mother… and his mother been managing him all his career.. he married Maneka and his album flopped.. duh!



  • chill rob

    USHER…..sorry…but that still kinda worked ……

  • $moK.E.Y.

    “Smoovee Sayz

    Oh man…this is so very sad…divorce is always a hard thing…
    As for Usher…
    Does anybody know if Chili is still available??


  • Nique

    Guess the grass wasnt greener on the other side huh Meka?

  • http://gmail.com HSV_AL

    How do you go from Chilli to Tameka? I aint haiting at all but she is super average! I just couldn’t imagine him being with her longterm and it wasnt about the age or anything cuz Rozonda is also older than he. USHER KEEP YA HEAD UP!

  • Angee

    I was hoping that they could work it out.

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    This is some bull, I’ll wait until AFTER his album drop to see how much of this crap goes on.


  • Nigga Said

    Treach and Peppa! Ike and Tina! Sonny and Cher! Dream and Nivea! Whitney and Bobby! Pam and Tommy Lee! Nas and Kelis! Shaq and Kobe! Terry McMillan and Taye Diggs! Now Usher and Tameka?! Who’s next? Nick and Mariah? Ashford and Simpson?

  • sushine20745

    im glad he’s paying for it..he deserves it for turning his back on his mom and dumping chilli. no women is worth losing your relationship with your mother especially if she’s managed your career…mother knows best! now she can be like: i told you so…any women who leaves her three children to start a new life with a man is not a real women much less a mother…her priorities are way off!

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahjames1983 Souljagir

    Got damn stay out their business, they has better be glad that he didn’t wife a chick like me because I would of held my own press meeting and fired their @$$ up!!

  • trs

    Dang all this talk about divorce makes you think about getting married in the first place!

  • Liyah

    If you ask me, Usher aint have no business marrying her anyway. She got too much going on, and now he’s gonna always be involved because she’s got his kids. SMH…..

  • http://Bossip Shaunie27

    I knew their marriage was not based on love for one anoher when he was on the cover of that magazine(just him and his baby) If you were in love with your wife and new family it would have been all of you on their…

    Throughout the entire article he never mentioned the other kids and his life as a new step-father for them…

    Any real women/mother/wife with kids would have been like WTF?

  • Tee

    Should have listened to his mother ..

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/MUTHAKNOWS muthaknows

    team tameka

  • SouthernGirl

    @ Shaunie27
    U make a good point about the Essence magazine cover missing the Mrs. I’m still sad to see that two children came from a marriage clearly doomed from the jump! I hope he isn’t so shallow that plastic surgery drama caused him to jump ship! If she was trying to do that for him and not for her, she is going to be one angry B*tch!


    she need to milk this lil nucca he should have chilled with chili.

  • SoooSassy

    I don’t think this cat should have gotten married from jump….get ready to pay that dude Usher!

  • Tamla

    Tameka should not have busted up her first marriage and left her three children for Usher. She wanted a rich, famous husband and did not give a damn who she wrecked in the process, no sympathy for her. Usher should have listened to his mom and not married this old hag in the first place.

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    so sad for the kids,believe there is more to this split,Usher has a history of cheating,and Tameka did hide the fact that she went to another country to have surgery,he didnt know about this,she hide that from him,she may have hide other secrets from him also.

  • Just as I see it...

    We all know relationships born out of cheating are bound to fail. Sorry for the kids tho!

  • L

    Daaaaaaamn now she has like 7 kids she has to raise practically on her own…SMH …She should have tried being his wife instead of fighting his mother…

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