Quote of The Day: Sanaa Lathan on Acting

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Sanaa Lathan in today’s Page Six Magazine:

“I’m very lucky because I’m a working actress. There are a lot of white people who envy me. Who would love to be in my position!”

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  • Ice Princess


  • think quick

    Why is necessary to say whit people and not just people?

  • SEXI


  • Ice Princess

    Sorry SEXI….

  • Ding

    Nappy headed ho……

  • amber86

    Um ok @ Sanaa…now if someone white said that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be screaming racism. Now it may be true but some things you should only say in your head…lol

  • Love

    **************HINT HINT***************

    I guess it is easy being DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL!

  • Kevin

    What the f*ck Sanaa!

    I’m sure Sanaa have had your fill of dealing with “White Hollywood’ but this statement will not help your cause.

    Girl, you better keep your mouth shut or you will not see another script.

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ LOL

    YUM! YUM! I’m full.

  • Kevin

    @ Marquis de Sade,

    What up? Yeah, I’m not sure why she believes “white people envy” her.

    What white people? The white people who employ her D-list ass? Her white agent who gets her the scripts? The white prodcer(s) and directors who put her in their movies?

    What the f*ck is she talking about.

    And for the record, this is apparently a quote from her mounth, people.

  • kigali

    She is still beautiful.

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ amber86

    Mad!?! Nawwwww. I’m mearly bored at work, and stoking the mad flames of ill-content. Btw, is that your real hair or that good indian human hair?

  • LOL

    And by the way, her father Stan Lathan, is considered Hollywood royalty! That man broke down barriers behind the scenes, which is where the real money is.

  • amber86

    definitely my real hair, not a fan of weave at all wore it once for prom and never will again

  • hmmmm.......

    I don’t care one way or the other about the so called “quote,” Sanaa is a beautiful and talented actress.

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ LOL

    Oh, stop being so morally superior. We’re talking about Sanaa Latham. One of the most uncharismatic actresses since Andie MacDowell.

  • Laila

    amber86 & LOL i have to co-sign with you 100%

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Amber86

    Ohhh goody. Can i run my cyber fingers through your long luxurious cyber strands? I promise not to yank or pull, unless you want me too.

  • Kevin

    @ amber86,

    Man? At what? Sanaa’s stupid comment about white people’s envy of her?

    I just asked a question about what white people is she referring to.

  • LOL

    Marquis, what did I say about Sanaa? Other than her words were pulled out of context. And that her father is a pioneer.

    I’m referring more to some of the miserable posters that seem to live for nothing but negativity. Sorry, but it’s a fact!

  • Ashb

    saana is one of my fav actresses. she is beautiful and intelligent.

  • Kevin


    I meant to ask mad at what? Sorry for the typo.

    Why don’t you tell me why you say that?

  • LOL

    I notice when Kim K, and other non-black women who wear extensions, are featured on this site nada is said about their hair.

  • Kevin

    @ Laila,

    Co-sign to what? Bull sh*t?

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ LOL

    Oh, what’s wrong with a little negativity? The public thrives on it. Positivity is only fun if you win the lotto…Other than that, let envy, avarice and sour grapes reign!

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