Diddy Still Talking About Sienna Miller

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Puffy comments to Vogue.com on who he thinks exudes great style:

“Sienna Miller always looks beautiful and always carries herself with poise and sophistication. I strive to resemble Frank Sinatra. He was effortlessly cool, always looking refined and maintaining complete class. He knew how to make a statement, without being loud.”

We’re sure it’s a little more than that since Sienna is the former jumpoff he was caught creeping around in London with last year. Check out the thumbnail for Sienna’s poise and sophistication in all it’s splendor.

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  • afafas


  • Kimy

    diddy is so wack right now, he use to be cool but i think he lost it and about sienna she is everyones jump off in london right now! and she is famous for…..

  • http://www.myspace.com/phillystudio PHILLY DA BOSS inda323

    damnit diddy I BELIEVED IN YOU

  • arasiam


    I think is still cool. I admire his “ability” to tone it down, less IS more. Unlike some of these other negroes with their braids and gold teefis! You go DIDDY!

  • arasiam

    HE is still cool.

  • Jubeisan

    I’ve seen better pictures of her. If I were Diddy and had my choice of just about anyone, she wouldn’t have been mentioned as a woman who exudes style. I’d party with her and stuff, but to give her that much…nah.

  • Kimy

    @ arasiam

    Please diddy has never toned it down for anyone. I think he is a bad role model, braids and gold teefis don’t mean anything as long as you set a good example and do the right thing!!

  • Kimy

    by the way he sleeps around and has kids all over the place atlanta, new york, london etc. is that cool??

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    As big a ho as he is he really seems to get turned around by some women. First Kim then J-Lo then Sienna. Cassie is almost there, but not quit. He had been unwilling to claim her publicly although he keeps forcing her music on us when we know Diddy don’t give two sh*ts about his artists. Yea Cassie gotta improve whatever it is that keeps him from being completely sprung.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Another piece of proof that shows that Kim Porter is his “Bottom B#tch”…


    sienna miller rose to fame by being cheated on by jude law .. after that she was basically handed roles in films despite how horrible her acting is. she then became famous for her sense of fashion (which if i have to use a word to describe, it would be WACK!)

  • Golden Shoes

    PDiddy could have chosen a million classy women of color to name:

    Lena Horne

    Queen Latifah

    Chaka Khan

    Cicely Tyson

    Loretta Devine

    Nina Simone

    Eartha Kitt

    Dorothy Dandridge

    Sheryl Lee Ralph

    Phylicia Rashad

    Debbie Allen

    Vanessa Lynn Williams

    Malinda Williams

    Vanessa Williams

    Nia Long

    Halle Berry

    Sanaa Lathan

    Loretta Devine

    Ruby Dee

    etc. etc. etc……

    All these women present classy, intelligent images but he chose a women outside of his culture to heap praises upon.

    Ignorant, Self Hating, and completely reprehensible. Then to chose Fred Astaire as someone to emulate instead of Sydney Portier or HArry Belafonte……Classy Black Men who presented Class and Intelligence in the face of Extreme Racism!!! But this Buffon choses a white adulterous drunk

  • ripped

    Sienna Miller doesn’t exude class in my humble opinion, but then neither does Kim Porter.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    Diddy has always wanted to be Frank Sinatra…remember when he tried to start his own broke down version of the “Rat Pack” with Ashton Kutcher? The thing is Ashton grew up….P. Doo Doo needs to get a life..

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)


    What’s up homey… Saw the shout out the other day, didn’t get back to you…

  • Lisa

    Diddy was the man at one time when it came to the parties and records, although the parties and records fell out, he is still a business man. I mean come on he can act, dance, he produces tv shows, you can’t hate. Now I do hate the fact that he hasn’t had THE TALK with his momma about her wigs and attire.

  • Cage

    @ K.I.R.: Chillin fam i cant call it, how u? I jet early every Friday so its all gravy…

  • Just Fine

    LOL. Diddy is such a CLOWN!!!

  • I let them rock the same mic

    lol diddy and frank sinatra are similiar in many ways…the both have mugshots, both have empires built off of shady dealing and both of them are white.

  • I'm Just Me



  • If u like it, I luv it!!!

    I’ve seen Diddy with a grill in his mouth and I think he realized that it just made him look even more SUSPECT (if that’s what u call it).

  • spain

    i dont think he should have chosen this skinny white girl 2 heap praises on i dont think she can dress she looks ok some times but most of da time she looks like a dirty tramp who dont wash and on drugsd wit her equally smelly boyfriend p diddy is a sell out

  • Peary

    Diddy sux

    not even in his dreams will he be able to immitate Sinatra.

  • lovely

    shut up

  • and another one.......

    Diddy ‘how u doin’?? He is a sell out and Gay as all hell. He has to talk about/be seen with females to hide his secret attraction to Tyson Beckford, Omarion and of courst his failed attempt to seduce Mase back in the day. He wears more lip gloss than lil mama and is wack.

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