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Terrence Howard Says He’s Broke Because Ex Wife Is Garnishing His “Empire” Money

Terrence Howard is staple in the “Damn, this n!**a got into ANOTHER fight??!” news. His history of violence and temper tantrums have lead him to several divorces and near blackballing from the entertainment industry.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the epitome of lightskinnededness (yes, that’s a word) keeps it a buck about his current financial situation as well as the physical altercations he’s had with the the women in his life.

“You know, all my checks from Fox are being held for garnishment, because of my ex. I’m broke as can be. But my wife, she did well for herself, so she’s covered us. This place, she’s renting it. I’m suffering. There’s nothing worse than being a broke movie star.”

Pak says that they’re soon going to be buying a house of their own. “In Winnetka,” she says.

“The suburbs,” Howard says, “as soon as they free up my money.” He goes on, “It’s always been a hard road for me. I run into bad luck. But I run into good luck too, so it’s even-steven right now.” He nods at Pak: “I’ve got a good wife.”

We’re gonna take the last part about having a good wife with a grain of salt as we reported just a couple weeks ago that Terrence and his “good wife” might be splitting.

Turn the page to read Terrence’s explanation as to how he got labeled a “difficult” actor out in Hollyweird…

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