Guess Who’s Back?

- By Bossip Staff

The music game hasn’t been the same without her. We are so excited to hear that she’s working on her new album and gettin’ ready to grace the world with her angelic voice once again.

Maxwell has stopped living in a cave, Whitney has decided to try and get her career back, and now Sade has finally left whatever planet she’s been hiding out at.

Billboard reports that Sade is working on the release to the long-awaited follow-up to 2000s “Lover’s Rock.”

According to Sony, Sade is in the studio now, with plans to release an as-yet-untitled album by years end.

A source from the label told Billboard, “She is in the studio and the album will come when it is ready. You don’t wait for years for one and then rush it.”

With songs like Birthday Sex and Boyfriend #2 spinning in heavy rotation, Sade’s music is long overdue.


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  • anon09

    hope she comes with it

  • I dont get it!


  • atlcpa

    can’t wait….

  • The Chocloate Diva

    I can’t wait!!

  • Whoop Dee Do

    1st…Love that she’s back!!

  • Just sayin'......

    YEAHH! But she betta bring it!

  • WordtotheWise

    Hey, this is what I’m talking about. Let’s get back to the real singers. Too bad Shanice isn’t in the mix anymore either.

  • Real Black Dude

    Who doesn’t like Sade? She’s amazing!

  • Avatar

    I missed her. I hope real music makes a stand against this garbage being released nowadays.

  • Chocolate Wisdom

    Chocolate Wisdom says, “The true talent is coming back to show us how bad these current ‘siungers’ really are… ’bout time…”



  • BLK Art

    ..been along time comming..

  • bobbi

    i’m so excited! hurry!

  • $moK.E.Y.

    owwww 8)

  • Mannie


  • Nina Knows

    Sade is a beautiful woman and singer. I will definetly buy this album…… a legend at best!!

  • Divine

    SADE!!!! She is phenominal and TIMELESS!!!
    She looks fantastic and she is in her 50s!!!!!

  • samira

    LONG overdue!!!

  • missunderstood

    here we go again…. they put Hawthorne back up and shyt is messing up just like yesterday….

  • http://bossip bb

    Folasade Adu

    A classy act

    This Nigerian needs to show them how its done

  • Royal Chocolate

    Finally… of the truly great singers will be back on the scene.

  • GoodKarma4Me


  • Whatchaknoboutdat?

    I know that head anywhere…. heyyyyy that’s my gurrrrrrrrrl!!!!

    I will support her shows and cd.

    Bring it Sade!

  • Erica

    i can’t wait she’s a really good artist. very unique!!!

  • too cute

    I hope she comes back,now thats true real music,not this garbage we have to listen to out here now,example Cassie etc….

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