Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement: Fantasia

- By Bossip Staff

Derek Blanks can turn clay into art. Fantasia is proof of his game and magic, but the best part of the photo is, yeah you guessed it, her diving board looking feet are stuffed into some fly @ss heels… go Tasia!

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  • twinkle

    She looks cute.

  • Jessika

    Im not a hater…but she looks like a tranny in all of her pics…none of these were flattering at all

  • barb


  • Nique

    She looks good in these pics!

  • PeachyPeach

    The pic with the black pants is a good look for her. I think she looks much better covered up instead of exposing all of her tattoos. She usually looks kind of hood-rat-ish…but she looks classier here


    Fantasia makes herself ugly with the red, blue and purple weaves, over excessive tats, and taking on the hoodrat image, she’s not really ugly it just depends on how she carries herself.


    she looks good as long as she doesn’t smile.

  • twinkle

    Sometime I look at her and she reminds me of Plies.

  • missunderstood

    I never thought Fantasia was ugly. Because she’s not “someone else’s” standard of beauty bothers me none, but bothers others immensely, not sure why. Sure she was rough around the edges (still is in some aspects) and could use the $$ that her fame has brought to help her get it together, and she has, her teeth look great too (before and after is amazing). This layout is A1, and congrats to her 2nd run on broadway! Now, if she could just get a feet transplant, it’d be all good…:)

  • Lady J

    she looks beautiful….i love the pic in the red dress…classy!!

  • mojojojo

    i like the pic of her by the mic they are soooooo hot

  • Mamacita

    …nice pics…Go Tasia…

  • Somer

    Too little too late. We know that class is not her style. That is somebody elses handy work. Tasha would rather have silver hair with a black cat suit on with musty, funky swear marks.

  • Somer

    opps……..sweat marks

  • Frog-a-licious

    She looks nice in these pics!

  • Honey Beauty

    @ twinkle

    Sometime I look at her and she reminds me of Plies.

    Wow, too funny.

    One of those pics actually remind me of Janelle Moon? What’s that? You never heard of her?

    You can thank Diddy for that.

  • Honey Beauty

    *Janelle Monae


    Well, for once she doesn’t look like she should be selling fish by the road side on some country back road. Or a muppet. She actually looks like a star. It’s a bad-ass photo shoot.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™.--Featuring Michael's Journee!!

    How can anyone honestly say that Tasia doesn’t loo good in this picture?

    She looks adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Besides–even if it might be photoshopped, who hasn’t been?

    Note to Tasia– Girl, I live too close to Charlotte for you to be flaunting those CL’s in my face!!!


  • Can

    LOL, I love clueless!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™.--Pimpin, Platinum style. J-Hud's concert was off the meatrack!!!

    Anyone here???

  • mochasweet

    What hater can look at these photos and say they are not great she looks fantastic!


    Pictures lie all the time, this is a perfect example
    these pictures have been tweaked, brushed, you name it, this isn’t her. Catch her in the morning after she wakes up, I bet she could scare a hungry elephant off a peanut truck.


    ^^^^^Damn, Marquis. Satan is looking up and salivating for your ass. C’mon, the girl is trying. Cut her some slack. Plus, she’s about to work it out on that ‘Color Purple’ big-screen release and make you a believer.

  • honeychile921

    Please stop hating on Fantasia! She may be a little country by taking her shoes off when she performs but that justs mean she giving her all when she sings and you will get a great show. And she can blow.

    Fantasia, girl do yo thang. Those pics are amazing!

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