Amber Rose Claps Back At The Kardashians For Threatening Her And Blac Chyna Over Their New Reality Show

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Amber Rose Shuts Down Kardashian Threats Over Her New Reality Show With Blac Chyna

Even though Amber has already tried to make peace with the Kardashian clan, the family is still non-too keen on Amber Rose or her BFF Blac Chyna.

With Kim and more recently Khloe having a taste for Amber’s seconds, and of course former family friend Blac Chyna losing her fiance to the baby of the Jenner clan, the Kardashians are shook about the amount of shade the dynamic duo might throw their way on their new MtV reality show. Reports claim that the family and has papers already drawn up to legally force them to keep the Kardashian name out of their mouths during filming.

But as a source close to Amb shared with Radar, Amber isn’t having any of it, and decided to confront the family head-on over trying to shush them:

“Amber told them via phone call with one of the sisters that she ‘does not ‘give a f*ck’ what they do because she and Blac Chyna have the freedom to say and do ‘whatever they want.’

They are sick of the fact that the Kardashians think that they can say and hurt anyone and no one says anything back to them. Amber told her straight up that they will never be silenced.”

BUT the source also adds that it was moreso just to let the Kardashians know they don’t run anything on Amber And Chyna’s end. The two actually don’t even have real plans to make their show all about that family:

“Amber and Blac laugh at the fact that the Kardashians think they have any control over the situation. But Amber also told her that they are not going to waste all of their time on TV talking about them.”

Well, if this is true, good for Amber. The Kardashians certainly had NO problem sending their mouthpiece to publicly say exactly what they thought of Amber and Blac Chyna…they have just as much right to speak on what they know, if that’s how they feel.

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