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“Atlanta Plastic” Stars Interview

Two prominent Atlanta surgeons have given viewers an eye-opening account of their work nipping, tucking and reconstructing their clients on “Atlanta Plastic.”

Dr. Wright Jones who specializes in nose jobs and Brazilian butt lifts and Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron who knifes up ladies with Mommy Makeovers, recently chatted with BOSSIP about plastic surgery trends, the dangers of back market butt injections and the season finale of their Lifetime show.

What plastic surgery do you specialize in and what made you do “Atlanta Plastic”?

Dr. McKnight-Baron: I primarily do breast and body contouring, liposuction, breast augmentation, fat grafting, basically anything breast and body. A large part of my practice is breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients. I got interested in the show after I was contacted by the production company and after speaking with them they didn’t want any of my personal life involved and they wanted to showcase my professional talents. It seemed like they were doing something that’s never been done before; featuring an all African-American cast of surgeons in the field of plastic surgery. They also let us spearhead the dialogue of body image in African-Americans. The things that have always been beautiful in African-American culture are now at the forefront because the majority of the population things they’re pretty too. Having that chance to get that out there was really important to me.

Dr. Jones: I’m also a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I’m trained in plastic surgery from head to toe, I specialize in rhinoplasties or nose jobs and body contouring. I first got into plastic surgery when a cousin of mine was burned and my aunt said they had to be taken care of by a plastic surgeon. So I wondered ‘what are they gonna do? Are they going to put plastic on their face?’ It completely perplexed me and I was intrigued. I gained more and more interest and got into medical school. When I got into plastic surgery I just loved it more and more, did some noses, went out to Beverly Hills and did some training there with famous rhinoplasty surgeons. I decided to do the show for similar reasons [as Dr. McKnight-Baron], I liked the concept of the show. I liked the fact that it was positive. It seems like we haven’t had a lot of positivity in the African-American community since “The Cosby Show.” For me, that was my biggest motivation for doing it.

What are some of your most popular plastic surgery requests?

Dr. Jones: It follows the national trends. Liposuction, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lifts and rhinoplasty are my most popular.

Dr. McKnight-Baron: My most popular are the mommy makeovers and any type of breast surgery; augmentation, breast lifts…I also get tummy tucks, thigh lifts and Brazilian butt lifts.

What are the benefits of someone going to certified surgeons like yourselves for Brazilian butt lifts rather than getting back market injections?

Dr. McKnight-Baron: The danger of going to someone who’s not trained is that you can have severe complications and can pay for those things with your life. We’re in the age right now where everyone’s trying to save a buck but the fact that people are doing that with plastic surgery or surgery in general is crazy. It’s scary. You can have patients that have blood clots,  that have lost their limbs, lost their legs, lost their lives. The benefit of going to a board certified surgeon is that it’s a testament to being able to practice safe surgery and ethical surgery.

Dr. Jones: I would like to add that all board certifications are not created equal. There are family practitioners, ER doctors, gynecologists who’ve tried to plastic surgery procedures. I think all patients should make sure that their doctors are fully trained in plastic surgery. There are unfortunately some pseudo boards out there. You have to make sure they’re a true plastic surgeon, just because they’re a cosmetic surgeon it doesn’t mean that they’re a true plastic surgeon.

Which one of your patients on “Atlanta Plastic” was most rewarding?

Dr. Jones: Most of them are pretty rewarding. I would say that patient was Shay Willis because she was bawling, she could not stop crying. Even after her surgery she’s been on social media taking pictures and working out.

Dr. McKnight-Baron: I would agree with Wright. We’re improving quality of life, we may not be quote unquote saving lives by removing cancer but we’re saving lives by improving quality of life. For me there are patients with colorful who made the experience fun. Vladimir and Sidney [Starr] stand out because they’re the first transgender patients I’ve had.

What can viewers expect to see on the season finale? 

Dr. Jones: It should be a very intriguing show, my patient is a former exotic dancer and she’s requesting a Brazilian butt lift. She’s also caucasian.

Dr. McKnight-Baron: Good point, the majority of my patients are not African-American. So the patients I have Friday, you’ll see a patient who’s undergone gastric bypass and is trying to get her life back. My other patient is an army vet who’s given so much to her country and her family that she’s finally decided to do something for herself.

Dr. Mcknight-Baron

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The season finale of “Atlanta Plastic” airs tonight, Friday September 18 at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.



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