Seen on the Scene: Mariah Carey

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Mariah Carey was seen out and about in NYC actually looking chic and sensibly dressed. This may the first time since Vision of Love that Mimi has stepped out without her cleavage leading the way. Good for her.

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  • Baby Please

    IT’S ABOUT DAMNED TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jahpson

    Im sure she has something skanky under that coat

  • bree

    the rest of this story is that this is supposedly lenny kravitz place and she’s shooting scene’s for her ‘touch my body’ video

  • bree


  • I let them rock the same mic


  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Well, good for her…those are some bad shades though.

  • Baby Please

    @ Prettybrowngirl

    Chile; you ain’t neva lied! Sheeeeeeeeit.

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar OH Nooooo

    what a poser-Is there ever a moment where she’s photographed looking NATURAL?

  • helltothanaw

    Well I’ll be damned. This broad is actually covered up.. I kid you not, this is the first time I’ve seen Mariah like this since she first began her career…

  • Southern Belle 225

    Um, she has on just a bra under the coat! I agree with however said she needs to do more age appropriate music. She is too old to be all half naked and talking about “Living it up”. Janet J is another one that needs to go away already.

  • I'm Just Me


  • GreenEyedDiva

    Does anyone even like her confused ass anymore? I say confused because she doesn’t know whether she is black or white or whatever… She makes the rest of us (people mixed with black) look bad. We all aren’t some valley girl acting wannabes carrying lil dogs with sweaters. I really can’t stand this broad.


    @ GED

    Im mixed (Blk and Swed) and this hoe does not make me look bad. Why so defensive?

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Cage: i am not sure yet…i can go to a couple of different places.

    I used to live in Decatur….but I am thinking Stone Mountain, possibly…I don’t know yet….there are a couple of options

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    actually I read that Mariah’s break down is Half-Venezuelan, half-Black father and an Irish mother….either way I don’t think she fully recovered from the breakdown she had a while ago…when she started out she wasn’t this crazy eccentric diva…classic case of stardom going to your head….

  • Boob Awards

    Top Five Best Entertainer Boobs

    5. Mariah Carey

    4. Megan Good

    3. Forest Whitaker

    2. Esther Baxter

    And the number best entertainer boobs…………

    1. Aretha Franklin

  • I'm Just Me


  • I'm Just Me




    I feel you…but the other way around. My Daddy was Swed and my Momma is Tasia’s (Fantasia) color. LOL @ the looks…that guy is kidnapping that little white girl!!!

  • Grace

    For those who think the 1st single is wacked…..that’s always! Mariah is one of those artist who understand the concept of radio friendly songs. She usually have about 3 or 4 on her CD and the rest of the cd is pure R&B genious! I rememeber when her 1st CD came out. I didn’t like what I heard on the radio. I remember back in 1990 my friend had a cd playing that I had never heard but I was really feeling. When she told me it was MC, I bought it the next day. I loved every song except the #1 hits that came from the cd.

    Mariah is really one of those artist that you have to buy the cd to hear the best work. Y’all slept on Charm Braclet. That CD came out during her breakdown period. That CD was pure R&B with live instruments throughout every song. I am not a fan of MC’s appearance. The older she gets, the less clothes she wears. As long as she keep putting out great music, she can walk through Times Square in a thong & I would not care.

  • I let them rock the same mic is SBM

    lol@prettybrown…Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan..etc, etc..And America goes after Hip-Hop…lol who’s influencing little white children more? Black musicians or white celebrities…Roger Clemons, Andy Petite, Mark McGuire, the list goes on…the media is just as racist as can be

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    Even if she did have something freaky on under the is different, and I like it!

    I love MC! She always have the right words in her songs..for me to Get my true feeling across! It is only a few that can do that!


    Alicia Keys


    Jill Scott

    Erykah Badu



  • Ms. Sugar Walls


  • VoiceOfReason

    Ya’ll better raise up offa mimi! Even her wack albums went plantinum, that’s unheard of. I aint mad at her being naked, her voice, body and spirit was on point during her last concert and I can’t wait for her to tour again. Go head girl! Besides, if I was outside Lenny’s apartment, I’d be wearing a trenchcoat over a bedazzled thong too!

  • Golden Shoes

    The single “Touch My Body” is trash and a grown women of 37 and up should not be singing this mess!

    Mariah I am disappointed to say the LEAST

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