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Posted by Bossip Staff

Tavis Smiley is still crying to the media about Barack Obama not hitting up “his” “State of the Black Union” event. It seems this fool wants to add some racial controversy to Obama’s campaign. His selfish actions of attacking Obama for not coming to “his event” is a true sign of a modern-day slave. It looks like they want our brotha Obama marching with some Black Panthers through Compton or hitting up a Jena 6 rally to prove he is down. A sure way to be cornered by his racist enemies (The Clinton establishment) and lose the primary election.

Tavis Smiley has received death threats since hating on Obama.


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  • http://www.stacirobinson.com Sugie


    frickin cry baby!

  • http://www.stacirobinson.com Sugie

    Tavis smiley is a HATER!!!


    hey travis, larry elder wrote a book about you-check it out!

  • crazy black lady

    tavis is silly as hell! GO OBAMA!

  • http://www.stacirobinson.com Sugie


    he’s the best thing that is ever gonna happen to this country!


    FYI Tavis gets on my nerves…


    tavis is silly. he acts like to prove your blackness or committment to the black community all one needs to do is show up to his events. he ridiculous. he just wanted barack there to give his lil event major star power and some credibility. its not about showing up to these events, its about the work you do in the communities and tavis has done very little but give alot of lip service. he like to get on tv and run his mouth

  • huhsaywhat?

    I disagree with the idea of Barack’s absence being indicative of him not caring about the black community.

    It’s really unfortunate that Tavis is taking this position.

    Having Michele in attendance would’ve been a wonderful compromise. That woman is ON point.

    I’m still riding with Obama:-)

  • GhostWriter

    Tavis SMELLEY, Maya AngeHO, Slick/Cheeseburger Willie and all Obama haters need to sit yo asses down.

  • WhatTheHell?

    I don’t have a problem with Tavis, but he knew Obama would be out campaigning during his event. I understand that. Obama didn’t have time to kick it with him during All Star Weekend in NOLA! Black people are solidly behind him and there are no credible reports of Obama being a sell-out.

    It’s just a scheduling conflict. Get over it, Tavis.

    It’s odd that a lot of powerful white people are throwing their support behind Obama while a lot of powerful blacks are waiting for Obama to come kiss their ass or offer them some role in his administration in exchange for their support. Black people will attempt to abuse their power, huh? Not surprising, but it is disappointing.

  • Margo

    Tavis Smiley has an ego problem. He’s a wanna be Obama! LOL

  • Sit Down

    Stop the hate. We NEED to start at home. Back up off Obama, Tav. Damn.



    Having Michele in attendance would’ve been a wonderful compromise. That woman is ON point.


    did see her on larry king live? that woman is THE DEAL .. strong, confident and she came across as being so genuine and truly interested in the betterment and advanced of the US not just the black people. because i have to be honest, i dont want to hear a bunch of we’re going to make the plight of blacks better from them ..its too much schism in our country already. id much perfer a more united country. and thats my idealistic two cents lol

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    Damn, and I like Tavis Smiley too and his little 15 minute interviews…

    Whining like a little kid when he doesn’t get his way… Dumb a$$ needs to understand that if Barack Obama could he would…

    Immature people always thinking about themselves and not others…

  • Tyrone M. Wild - Ron Paul 2008

    why would he(Tavis Smiley) receive death threats? who is sending them? Obama has a gestapo now? wow.

  • Mavis

    This speech impaired dude really gets on my nerves. He ran for public office in California and lost and every since then he has had a major chip on his shoulder. He is not the mouthpiece of Black America and we aren’t falling for anymore Al Sharpton wannabees so he should just stick to his television show. He always wants to be the center of attention and like Al & Jessy, he fancies himself as some kind of king. Obama’s wife wanted to come but Travis rejected her and got angry with Obama. Damn all these insecure, desperate to be famous negroes get on my nerves. Travis just stick to what you do and leave this brillant, young, educated, too intelligent to fall for your schemes, man alone.

  • huhsaywhat?

    Conflicts happen, and showing your face at an event is hardly indicative of one’s level of commitment.

    Guiliani was in Harlem a few months ago (with media in tow). Every NYer knows he has no love for the Black community. Was his being in Harlem indicative of his commitment to the community? I think not.

    I hope Tavis is never unable (for whatever reason) to attend a conference or event. it’ll be ALL OVER then…lol

  • http://www.musecube.com/plemleo leo

    Tavis should be ashamed of himself…first time in history we have a very viable and capable BLACK candidate for President of the United States…and you got silly negroes takin stabs at him because of his inability to come speak at your event…damn shame. The energy, attitudes, and inspiration Obama has given us (black people at large) within the past year far surpasses what Smiley has done in TOTAL in ALL of his years in the public eye….Smiley…I can understand why you’d want to be in the limelight with him…but ease up on the criticism. You only make yourself look selfish and out of touch.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Tavis is a woman beater. Who gives a damn what he thinks about Obama?!

    Renee…please calm down. We are entitled to our opinion and you don’t need to bash people who don’t share your opinion. Damn.

  • Laverne

    Damn straight Travis got a ego problem and is as immature as they come. He has other important folks at his conference but he just gonna have Obama there to take pictures with. And you know old permed up Al and Hustler Jessy would be right there trying to squeeze into the pictures as well. No doubt so they can turn around and give those pictures to the media to show that Obama was just like them. A hustler. Good stay away from them Obama because they all up to something sneaky.

  • I let them rock the same mic is SBM

    Tavis Smiley gets a pass..He can say what he wants about Obama, whether I disagree or not, Smiley is a real black man..He’s always held it down for the community, his talk show is positive, the state of the black union summit is positive and it’s always for the better of our community…Smiley you got my stamp of approval and continue to speak that peace

  • Don King

    @ Renee, you better get used to it.

  • deafjam04

    I’m surprised at Tavis! But I shouldn’t be ’cause he interviewed Denzel Washington one time and he kept asking stupid long winded ass questions and Denzel snapped on him! It was if he was trying to get Denzel to contradict himself or something. That’s when I knew Denzel didn’t play and also saw why he is really highly respected!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Tavis Smiley is obviously interested in promoting HIS agenda. Obama needs to be in Texas, Ohio, etc. focusing on campaigning in those states where Hills is leading in the polls. An offer was made for Michelle Obama to appear, but Smiley is a media hound and while his event may be aired on C-Span, it’s obvious that if Obama participates, Smiley increases and secures major media attention from ALL the networks, including cable. He just wants to ride Obama’s coat tails to get even more national attention for himself.

    BTW, why would he choose to go on air and publicly make a big deal about this…further creating division and schisms among us. Why try to insinuate that Obama doesn’t care about Black America? Hmmm, maybe it’s a covert scheme to increase Hillary’s dwindling support among blacks who are jumping ship for Obama. Tavis sucks!!

  • Ora

    Travis State Of The Black Union Summit is probably as suspect as Jackson’s Rainbow colition that made him rich, and Al’s National Action network that the Feds raided last month. And is it true that Travis is a woman beater? If it is then that tells you something right there, don’t it. Damn shame.

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