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Kat Graham Drops New Album, Addresses Break Up

We’ve been Kat Graham supporters for years now so we are excited to see her finally release her first album “Roxbury Drive” last Friday.  The album which is exec-produced by 11 time Grammy winner BabyFace was released through her own Zoo Label.

Graham says it was a struggle to decide whether the indie route was best for her music career.  “I honestly wasn’t 100 percent sure of the independent route, and whether to go at it with full force. Am I smart to be using my own money?” Ultimately she had a conversation with Prince after he invited her to come make music. The pro-indie pep talk instilled more confidence in the triple-threat who has had dreams of pursuing music and acting since a very young age.

In fact, Graham says that majority of this album is 90s inspired. She explains that she was personally moved by artists like Aaliyah and TLC who could where baggy clothes and represent 90s femme power.

The album’s first track, “1991,” was really originally intended to be a one-off homage to the era, as Graham incorporated a sample of TLC’s “What About Your Friends” as a tribute to her heroines. “Then I had a friend say to me, ‘You should just make a whole album like that.’ We sat down and listened to a bunch of records from that era and made it a point to say, ‘You know what, if we’re going to do this, let’s really commit to this sound.’”

She’s learning more now from her fresh and ongoing friendship with Babyface. “I ran into him at the Grammys and said ‘Hey, I’m having rehearsals for my showcase. I’d love for you to come by.’ And he came by the first day, then he came again the second day, and on the third day we had a meeting and he said, ‘I want to work with you on this. I believe in you on this.’ I’ve been such a huge fan of Babyface.”

This album came from a place of happiness, she disclosed, where she felt “I’m in love with you, I need you, I want to be with you.” But there was a moment she had realizations that the person she was dating actually added nothing to her life and was really just a male groupie, according to her. Well, we’ve all been there, famous or not.  She expresses that her song “Star F***er” is meant for anyone with someone who’s trying to take their star power away from them to feel better about their decision to make them kick rocks.

To check out the full album, click here.



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