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White Reporter Asks The Pope To Say Something About The Negroes

Did an out of pocket White House reporter just ask the Pope to “say something about the negroes” in the same presence as President Barack Obama?

A viral clip of what sounds like a journalist asking the flagrant question before being cut off by the Prez. Check out the clip for yourself…

Many people online have commented it’s more likely that the reporter, who has a thick accent, actually said “migrants” instead of “negroes” in the clip.

Via Mediaite:

For one thing, the press credentials for the Pope’s White House visit were extremely limited, with outlets like Buzzfeed being left out entirely. The notion that some crazy racist journalist could sneak his or her way to within feet of an African-American president seems extremely unlikely.

Not to mention, if she did say ‘Negroes,’ Obama seemed to take the sally much more in stride than you’d expect. But more importantly, the White House pool report from reporters on the scene indicate the questioner “asked a question about the Syrian migrant crisis.”

This seems to be a classic example of the McGurk effect, where people who are primed to hear something different can hear the same sounds, but come to radically different conclusions. Remember when half the country was convinced a GOP crowd chanted “Ryan” and the other half of the country thought they said “Romney”? This appears to be a similar situation.

Do you think the reporter said “migrants” or “negroes” in the clip??




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