State Of Michigan Awards Shalandra Jones $40,000 For HIV Ticket

Police Ain’t Isht: Woman Awarded $40,000 After Officer Tickets Her For Having HIV

- By Bossip Staff

Police ain’t isht!

State Of Michigan Awards Shalandra Jones $40,000 For HIV Ticket

A Dearborn, Michigan officer’s discriminatory practices has cost the city $40,000 in damages.

According to The Detroit Free Press, Shalandra Jones was berated by Officer David Lacey in January 2012 for not telling him early in a traffic stop that she had HIV.

According to dash cam video Officer Lacey yelled at Jones, who was not legally required to tell him about her diagnosis, because he “wasn’t wearing any gloves” and worried he’d contract the disease.

 Jones told the officer she had HIV after he asked her about medication in her car that she uses to treat HIV.

He ended up ticketing her on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge; she had a marijuana medical card, but it had expired. The charge was dismissed last year.


After finding out Jones had HIV, Lacey said: “You just made me mad.”

Lacey said he “did not want to take any diseases home to his family.” The officer added that “Dearborn does not have that many people living with HIV, and the police do not like people with HIV.”

Lacey then said to Jones: “Honestly, if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would have wrote anybody for anything. But that kind of really aggravated me, you know what I mean? You got to tell me right away. … Because at that time, I wasn’t wearing any gloves.”

He then seemed to hint at harming suspects who did not immediately disclose their medical history.

“So that way we don’t get pissed. Cause otherwise we get pissed. Bad things happen,” he said. “I found a needle on a guy once and he didn’t tell me. … He’s not going to forget anymore.”


Jones filed her lawsuit in 2014.

What do YOU think about Dearborn coughing up $40,000 for this officer’s behavior???



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