Charlamagne to Cassie: “You Need to Speak Up In This ‘Rihanna-Beyonce’ World!”

- By Bossip Staff

The suckage that is Cassie stopped by Charlamange the god’s morning show (WPHI 100.3 The Beat in Philly) and they shot this hilarious interview over to Bossip. Apparently, Bad Boy doesn’t want this audio to get leaked to too many folks because it’s “damaging to her image.” As if her voice and rhythm deficient steps haven’t already done enough.

Pop it and enjoy. Make sure to listen for the part where a caller tells Cassie to change her nonchalant attitude – “You need to care, because we don’t remember you!”

Listen here and PLEASE comment below. lol

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  • Tee

    I see he landed on his feet.

  • Christmas Jones

    Dang, blk people gonna always keep it real. maybe a little too real tho…

  • YUCK!

    1st! I can’t stand Charlemagne. He was such a hater on Wendy Williams’ show. How are you gonna be the side-kick and be such a hater?

  • Back On My Swag

    Who is Cassie???

  • K.C.

    shes been over

  • Kelis

    stinking pum pum Cassie

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Pllleeeaasssee…what career she had left was f* by her cutting her hair into that god awful hair do! What a waste of space!

  • wash ya ass

    I’m sure got her thinking she is the one and chiit. He will soon be tired of her and then drop the artist. she dont care

  • wash ya ass

    Cassie should be called lassie , cause she is an obedient byiich…. take dat

  • Smoovee Sayz

    lol @ Halima on that clip!!

  • bored

    Rihanna and Cassie are in the same boat. If Cassie gets some nice songs like Rihanna got to make her this big fake that she is, she will be the same if she gets the right material. It’s all about the luck of the drawl with these new No. Talent people that are out, so I dont know why he was so hard on Cassie and had the nerve to insult Beyonce! Rihanna is all about a look, if not for that she would still be that girl who had the other CD!

    Cassie keep pressing forward and do like Rihanna is doing, stay in until they throw you out, in Rihanna’s case I hope it’s soon

    But people need to stop associating Beyonce an Rihanna like they really have something in common on the talent tip! Night & Day, Sugar & Shyt is what the two are and y’all know it. Nice songs dont make you have talent people!!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    @ wash ya ass…that was funny!

  • Jersey bwoy

    She is wack..point blank period…so a wack job dude deserves a wack job chick…cornballs..kick rockz..

  • me (the original)®

    “I didn’t put that out there”


  • pat

    Rihanna has some vocal talent….im a trained singer and it kind of irks me to hear some people who arent so easily say who can or cant sing…rihanna doesnt have the powerhouse voice in the traditional since AT ALL, but she has a very unique tone quality, knows her range and voice is limited, so she makes the right note choices and can sing a ballad live and pull it off quite ok (however boring her stage presence may be)……CASSIE however is tone def, so its definitely not fitting to put her and RHIANNA in the same category vocally

  • ItsLikeWhatever


    Well said! I’ve always felt that about Rihanna.

  • nobody cares

    rihanna cannot sing, but there’s only space for so many cute in the face talentless women. NOTHING is special about cassie. she should have went hard at modeling or whatever

  • Hawt Ass Messkins

    Cassie on the radio sounding sleepy and shyt and where the hell was Diddy to hold her hand
    Also she acting stupid when Charlamagne asked her how it feels to work in Beyonce/Rihanna RnB world – she claims she is her own competition
    thats not really saying much

  • Columbia SC

    Charlemagne IS THE TRUTH!!!

    @Back On My Swag

    Who is Cassie??? CASSIE WHO???

  • .

    Rihanna was ok way before the whole Good Girl Gone Bad thing. S.O.S was huge for her. She didnt stop she kept going. Thats the difference between her and Cassie. Cassie had Me & U. Then just stopped. Cassie dosent seem convincing. Rihanna wants it more. And she got it

  • http://kandykane kandy

    lol he gave her a dose of reality wooooow

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


    WHEW!!!!! SMH!!!!!!

    And the callers where NO better…

  • me (the original)®

    Cassie: I’m going to be on 106 and Park tonight.

    Charlamagne: Please say you’re not going to be singing.

    DEAD!!! LOLOL!!!

  • http://deleted Love is blind

    He would never dare attack beyonce or Rihanna like that! since cassie is a z lister she got trashed like crazy! I think she got an unfair hand! I still think she’s stupid!

  • http://Bossip ja

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!That was too funny, but very Truthful she will never make it in the Biz!She might as well let Diddy knock her up, If she wants a future proceeds!!She has no pernoality and I saw that on 106 yesterday, but I thought my eyes and ears were playing tricks. Hell I even changed the channel because of her.

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