Chris Brown is Limber

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Brown promoted a new U-Dance toy this weekend and showed off some of his dance skills. We bet he’s tearing that little Rihanna up with his acrobatic moves. Just like that little J Smoov character doing the handstands in the kiddie freakin performance to Keith Sweat we posted a bit ago.

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  • bree

    im glad Chris Brown is legal..

  • Bored at Work


  • Real Talk

    He is limber and I am sick of Omarion with his delusionalion behind talking about how he is a better dance than Chris Brown…Cause he is NOT!

    Go Chris Go Chris

  • puddl3s

    can Ri-ri even handle dis young meat? He looks like he makes her dizzy with all that moving around.

  • I'm Just Me




    when he say this foolishness .. cause chris brown killin it right now

  • and another one.......

    Wonder who blow’s her back out better, Camel or Chris?

  • MsSmartiepants

    Chris has some good PR people to steer him away from the fact that his old ass manager is the one who he’s still tearing her back out. But it’s a good effort on their part to try and make it look like he’s with Rhianna. The public isn’t stupid folks. She should be in charged with sexual misconduct on a child.

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar OH Nooooo

    . We bet he’s tearing that little Rihanna up with his acrobatic moves.



  • Zina {The original princess}

    Look at him lookin all man like now….

  • Joey (PR)

    This just is; Chris Brown, Bow Wow & Omarian are a couple… HOLLYWEIRD, What next?

  • deafjam04

    He definitely can dance his ass off! I like his moves much better than Omarion(no disrespect)only because they don’t seem so calculated like he’s counting 123 steps.


    omarion got somebody making up his moves then tell him to go do it .. he aint got no creativity. but why his hands look so ashy in that picture? chris brown remind me of a bunch of lil boys now days thinkin just cause they cute they can step to grown ass women. let another lil boy come at me like that imma put they young ass on time out. i aint no demi

  • and another one.......

    @Joey(PR) Agree with u on Bow Wow & Omarion are a super ‘sweet’ how u doin couple. Omarion puts the G in GAY.

  • Joey (PR)

    @ and another one…

    LoL… Too GAY!!!

  • andrea

    what is the big deal about this kid? it’s good he’s successful, but what is the hype really about?

  • Jessie

    I saw some pics looks like her very much at Love his music. Love him.


    I neva understood all da hype about chris brown. Yeah he can dance but dats bout it. He’s bad at acting.His ass is so older than wut he says. We all know that’s just his industry age. I’m not being an hater but chris isn’t all dat to me…O well dats just my opinion.

  • yes

    he can tear me up

  • Jani

    Finally a young RnB artist who is tall. Say bye to Omarion

  • Vito

    He always dancing isn’t he? LOL!

  • katie

    i agree with ashley i still dont get it chris brown is tryna be the next usher but he aint killin it for me no matter how high he climbs those walls

    i still dont feel him

  • svs

    Chris Brown has intelligence, charm, charisma, excellent acting ability, and MORALS and STANDARDS. That alone puts him ahead of the drug infested entertainment world. I personally don’t see how Rihanna could NOT at least be curious about the man..he does have dance moves alone that make you wet!!!I wish him and her or whomever he ends up with, the best. And why, would anyone be negative about the man. Who has he hurt…And his fans should enjoy him for his ability to entertain them, not because their crazy butts think he’s going to be with them. THat’s truly not mentally or emotionally healthy…Get a life !!!

  • destinee

    dang chris. how u gon get wit rihanna and leave a girl hopes dead. i am happy 4 u but dang, well ne-ways, kepp doin wut u doin. on another note how in da hell u gon lie and say u dont have a girl and da pics show it all. man im sad :[

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