Police Ain’t Isht: Baltimore Officer Warned Fellow Policemen That Freddie Gray Needed Medical Help But Was Ignored

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Officer Says He Urged Fellow Officers To Get Medical Assistance For Freddie Gray

One of the officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray previously told prosecutors that the 25-year-old Baltimore man begged for medical assistance after allegedly being taken for a “wild ride” in a police van.

The policeman says however when he told his fellow officers that Gray needed care, he was ignored and he was unsure if Freddie was faking his injuries.

He of course died a week later from a severed spine.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

As Freddie Gray was being transported in a police van through West Baltimore, at least one officer warned that Gray needed medical care but wondered, along with others, whether he was faking injuries or being uncooperative, according to investigators who reviewed the officers’ statements during a departmental probe.

Those statements — which have never been publicly revealed — help to explain why a judge has ordered separate trials for six officers charged in the incident. Some of the statements provide differing accounts of events that day; defense attorneys have argued in court that such conflicts could create problems in a joint trial.

“Help me. Help me up,” Gray said.

Porter helped Gray up and asked, “Do you need a medic or something? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

When Gray responded affirmatively, Porter said he told the van’s driver, Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr., that Central Booking wouldn’t accept Gray.

Porter also told investigators he wasn’t sure if Gray was in distress, or trying to convince officers to take him to the hospital instead of jail.

That sequence of events was drawn from a police account of Porter’s statement, provided as part of an initial police review of Gray’s fatal injury in police custody; Goodson was the only officer charged in Gray’s arrest and transport who did not provide a statement to investigators.

The statements shed new light on the events of April 12 including prosecutors’ allegations that officers failed to provide medical care to the 25-year-old.

SMH…too little too late.

What do YOU think about the officer saying he tried to get help for Freddie???

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