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As we reported on Tuesday, Kelis is in bad need of some money. She just filed her financial statements with the courts in order to force Nas to help her out.

How is she supposed to go shopping, party in St. Barths, hire a personal chef and keep her kool-aid dye job lookin’ right if she doesn’t have any money coming in? Come on, Nas, you know you gotta keep the cash flowing.

Kelis has just filed her financials with the court, making her case to get support and baby expenses from estranged hubby Nas.

Kelis says from 11/08 to 4/09, her average monthly income was $21,616. Hardly poor, but way less than what she and Nas were pulling in while she was with him.

Kelis, who is ready to give birth, has some pretty hefty expenses — $80,831 a month … way more than she says she makes.

Kelis says she hasn’t toured in a year and most of her income comes from her concerts.

Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny costs $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations — not too shabby. And she says it cost $175 to have the “baby rug dry cleaned.”

And there’s this … Kelis says she wants to buy “storage to bank the baby’s blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby’s umbilical cord.” It’s used to treat 70 life-threatening diseases. It all costs $$$

This chick is something else. She’s going for the jugular. Hope Nas has a killer @ss lawyer. Maybe he needs to contact Tameka Foster.




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