Rihanna and Her 20 Guy Friends

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna chats about the difference between male friends and female friends:

“I have three girlfriends and about 20 guy friends. I love listening to guy talk because I learn a lot. Here’s the key – you can’t lower your standards for a guy because he won’t respect you and he’ll tell his friends. You always have to stick up for yourself and speak your mind.”

What is this, a damn after-school special? Yeah she has to have at least one girlfriend, because ain’t no nucca going be walking around carrying a little ass dog for you.


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  • da darkness


  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Hello darkness

  • Kimy

    She is just seeking for attention. What would she talk to guys about?

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I’m with her. For the most part guys are a lot more fun to hand out with and it really does give you insight to how they think about women. One of my homies once told me he would never even date a woman he met at the club let alone marry her. As a result for the past 15 years I have been shaking my head at all the pretty girls at the club that be trying their hardest to get a man out of a pack of dogs.

  • Kimy

    Chris B is getting sexier the more I see him. Is it just me?

  • da darkness

    what the hell is she wearing? cris like “how am i gonna pull that short ass hair when i’m hitting it from the back tonight? where you at in life ho!” lmao

  • The One

    I love how Rihanna acts like she been on this earth so long and can share advise to others!!!!!

  • da darkness

    Peace to the women who do have short hair though, i’m not mad at cha. just get it wet, keep it there, you deserve it, hello

  • bree

    and thats why she has a serious boyfriend

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird


    Chris B is getting sexier the more I see him. Is it just me?


    He’s actually getting uglier to me.

  • toranosuke

    You know what.

    I’m a dude/

    and I agree with Rihanna.

    Sister’s need to know their worth.

    And brother’s we got to know,

    that we have a standard to keep up.

    She’s just saying what most of us have realized,

    but not enough of us.

    haha, by the way. i’m 18, so,

    youmight think about me, the same as u thought about her.

    that i’m too young to know anything.

  • Grace

    Did her male friends explain that you will not be respected if you are publicly going after another woman’s man especially when the couple is high profile power couple?

  • Ibn

    I can totally relate to rhianna…Im a guy and I have very few male “associates”…due to the fact of how slimy men can be…I prefer having more female friends

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Well she is right. U can’t lower your standards and you can not allow them run over you!

  • Baby Doll

    LMAO, what a trip. What and it took her a conversation with a guy to realise that. Tell me something new im gonna have to ‘Next!’ that one 🙂


    UK in the house x lovin it!!

  • If u like it, I luv it!!!

    I told ya’ll he was hittin’ that!!!

  • Ibn

    Wow IGNORANCE IS BLISS… everytime a man has female friends he has to be gay

  • andie

    There’s something to be said about women who don’t get along with other women.

    I’ve found that those are the girls who get jealous easily, can’t relate to other women for whatever reason, and need a lot of attention from guys. Most of the time, they have serious men issues and even bigger women issues. They say that they don’t hang with women because women are catty and superficial, but if you look at them, they’re the cattiest ones of all!

    Just sayin’.

  • fallon

    What kinda of guys is she talking to?

    She’s not that smart.

  • Harlem Chic

    I definitely prefer to have men as friends than women. Women can be catty, jealous and trifling. Don’t have a good man around them….then they’ll really act up….

  • Justin

    I love how friends is spelled lol

  • Marlo Stanfield

    20 guy friends= 20 guys that wanna smash!! Period

  • I'm Just Me


  • cns

    She only has male friends because they are just want to have sex with her. If they play the “friend card” long enough it might happen.Then she will see who her real friends are.

  • dani

    Actually there is nothing wrong with having male friends. You get to understand men more better that way with beign around them. I have more male friends and to tell you the truth it’s cool and drama free. However hanging with the girls can be fun too but girls worry too much acbout trivial things. Also from basic observation women are more harder on each other than men. We always blame for demeaning us but look at the things we say about each other?

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