Beer Saves the Day

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A homeless dude saved a family from a burning building:

A Brooklyn vagrant on a breakfast beer run unexpectedly became the hobo hero of the hour yesterday when he raced into a Brooklyn apartment and rescued a father and two sons. Three other family members including a baby were saved by a selfless firefighter who gave them his oxygen mask. A seventh relative trapped in the blazing apartment was rescued by other firefighters, but later died in a hospital. The homeless man, Andre Nash, 45, kept his wits about him, using a beer-soaked rag as a mask and forcing his way through choking smoke in the burning apartment at the Lafayette Gardens housing project in Fort Greene. Nash admitted that he had just bought two cans of beer at a deli shortly before 8 a.m. when he stumbled upon a hysterical boy begging for help and pointing to the 11th floor, where a panicked mom, Sheohna Taylor, 20, was dangling her 14-month-old son, Roshawon, out the window.

Nash, who often calls a park bench home, raced up to the apartment and, through billowing, black smoke, guided Terence Taylor and his two school-age sons, Brandon and L.T., out into the hall and to safety. “I wasn’t even worried about my life,” Nash said. “I am the guardian angel of the building. I just reacted.”

See what a morning bottle of Schlitz Malt Liquor can do, he almost saved an entire family.

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  • Kompton's Kutie

    Good Job.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Wow. He gets an A+ for the day. I love to see selfless acts like these. Um, I wonder if he will be rewarded and if so what will he be rewarded with?

  • yellow valley

    Damn.Makes u keep hope ALIVE!

  • Lady

    I 2nd that.. Awesome job…..

  • embark

    Thats crazy. Thats my old buildings

  • Harlem Chic

    I happened to see this on the news yesterday. Me and my boo had a good laugh. Leave it to black folks to get real creative when it comes to crunch time.

  • gossipgirl

    Ooops. At first glance he looked like Bobby Brown on a regular day. Good job though brutha!!!!

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    That’s a real dude right there. Somebody hook ‘im up with a liquor store credit STAT.

  • brownbarbie

    I really don’t miss living in Fort Greene. ALWAYS DRAMA! lol!

  • Yes I Said it and I Meant it Too

    I just want to know who in the hell was taking the pictures of people trapped in a burning building instead of doing something more productive?!

  • I'm Just Me


  • NotoriousOne

    Hoping the city hooks this dude up w/ a lil’ something for putting his life on the line. We always callin’ firefighters heroes and they get paid…now THIS dude definitely did it out of true compassion.

  • areader

    I wish I could buy this dude an ice cold 40…

  • O_o

    OBAMA 08!

  • Honeydipt

    Kudos to the “brokedown” version of Leon (from the five heartbeats and waiting to exhale)lol, I know it’s wrong but seriously, that’s who he reminds me of!

    Way to go! I hope he’s rewarded…perhaps with an opportunity to turn his life around, like a job, housing–you know, a real chance. He deserves it!

  • Look at me

    Way to go man, your blessing will come.

  • Stringer Bell

    Now! give that man a job ASAP!!!!

  • and another one....

    Damn I thought that was Bobby Brown for a minute rocking some beard swag… Good for him, hope they break him off a lil something.

  • The Brown Hornet

    That was a “Blackguyver” moment if I heard one. I hope he gets an endorsement deal or something from the beer company he was supporting. Can you imagine the commercial?

    “Drink ____ beer. Less filling and saves lives”

  • da darkness

    he gets a “at a boy.” the people who so-called have nothing have all the heart. he’ll be off the streets now. soon he’ll be in the club wit his drink and his two step with that boss swag

  • NotoriousOne

    @ The Brown Hornet…

    LMBAO @ the “Blackguyver” moment.

  • Golden Shoes

    God will surely bless him for being selfless.

    Ps. I hope the blessing does not include beer, liquor or any other method being used to systemically destroy the black community.

  • bree

    hopefully some hooks him up with a spot and some beer

  • bree


  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Lifetime supply of 12 packs is in order for him I think.

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