In White Folks News: Aubrey O’Day Gets Jacked in LA

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, someone was peepin’ Aubrey’s steeze real hard and decided to gank her for it. Since this incident took place in Hollyweird, we can only speculate that is was a member of the dreaded gay mafia.

Aubrey O’Day is holding up after she was robbed Wednesday in Los Angeles, her rep tells

According to, the singer, 25, was walking down an alley on her way to tape a TV Guide segment when someone ran behind her and stole everything she was holding — including an pricey Zac Posen dress. (Luckily, her beloved teacup Maltese named Ginger escaped unharmed, the website reports.)

“Aubrey is doing well,” her rep tells Us. “She is just a bit shaken up from the day’s chaos and is grateful that she and those around her were unharmed.”

No arrests have been made.

Gotta watch out for those steeze stealers out there in La La Land, it’s a dangerous place. SMH


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  • Hannibal


  • noelle

    Random, probably set it up

  • K.C.

    cnt be flashy all the time

  • Nigga Said

    Dawn and Q are responsible for this.

  • Dr.Winkie

    it got “staged” “set up” all over it. she’s as believable as the devil himself.

  • MySoulIsFull

    People who steal from others are cowards. What makes a thief think he/she has the right to take what someone else has be it material items or sex. I wish she had a gun on her to shoot and kill that person.
    Anyway, I am glad that she was not harmed.

  • The Th3rd

    Well thats what she gets walking down an alley.

  • Sit yo 5 $ ass down before I make some change...(Could Iran's political movement be = to America's Yes we can Obama movement?hmmm)

    Probably was Diddy….he loves a good dress…Lol

  • Ladii G

    lOl dawn & Q being responsible. ohh man. ilOVE AUBREY DOUGH<3
    &n_+ ibet dawn.Q.the day26 members.&diddy all laughing they asses. dey prob.planned itx3

  • mamamia

    I like Aubrey but that was real dumb to be walking down an alley by herself.

  • okthen

    It’s Diddyyyy! Hold uppppp!! lol

  • Honey Beauty

    “…someone ran behind her and stole everything she was holding — including an pricey Zac Posen dress.”

    Thanks for the dress, Aubrey.

  • tia

    I smell a setup,she hasn’t had any attention lately so she had to stage something.Who Cares.sincerly a Dawn Fan

  • ysr


  • dayg715

    ok, who is she again?

  • CoCoChanel

    LOL.. really. Who is really caring about Aubrey? I laugh everytime i see her though with her Botoxed lips!! Why was she walking alone “in an alley” anyways..?

  • MrTavMarie

    what the hell was she doing “walking down an alley”??? How can she not expect ish like this not to happen when you’re walking down and alley? smh

  • 2hot


  • LeahLeah

    She’s a B!tch anyway. She got what she deserved.

  • Mizz Pimpin

    people need to get their own hustle and stop jacking people

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