Maxine Daniels Admits That Kellz Did Smash

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Maxine Daniels, stepdaughter to R. Kelly’s former publicist finally addresses the rumors about her relationship with the Pied Pedophile:

“The statement that was issued by R. Kelly’s camp to TMZ, which I interpreted as an attempt to defame Regina and George Daniels, my dad and stepmom, has made it necessary for me to respond to some of those accusations: I take full responsibility for my actions. My stepmother and father didn’t know about my relationship with the singer because I knew and he knew that they wouldn’t approve … so I tried to keep it a secret, but when my stepmother found out about our relationship, she resigned because she felt that Rob had ‘crossed the line’ by dating a girl that he has known since she was 7 years old. My stepmom was not fired for incompetence.

She was Rob’s publicist for 14 years and always considered Rob not just a client … but family. And Rob thought of my dad like a father. I am 21, smart and will be graduating from college this year, but I admit that I was swept up by his charming and generous ways, which I truly regret and have learned from. My brief relationship with Kelly last year ended because my parents were starting to hear rumors that we were together, and I was beginning to feel like it wasn’t a healthy situation, especially with the pain it was causing me and my family. I felt that it just wasn’t right. Also, in reference to my birthday party, which was held last spring, Regina did not push Rob to host the party. We both asked him … and he readily agreed.”

“In regards to the cell phone number, Regina didn’t give me Rob’s number and she didn’t ask me not to tell my dad. Rob personally slipped me his number at another event and that is how we started talking. The Internet has been rampant with all sorts of rumors for months now and hopefully this will clear things up. I admit I made a mistake and I know I am not the first young adult to make a serious misjudgment.”

Maxine is 21, but has known R. Kelly “Rob” since she was seven, we bet he couldn’t wait for her to be of age to slip her the “D”. SMH. Click here if you missed the statement from R. Kelly’s camp trying to defame her parents.


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  • E. Junior


  • for

    I heard the news earlier at “mill ionairefriends com”, where celebrities, pro athletes and wealthy singles mingle. Many wealthy people are talking about it there.

  • Keeping It Real

    Im first….the girl was 21…so why does it matter?

  • E. Junior

    …when she was 7, he knew her and he was like 27! YUCK!!!!…

  • e-ka

    And her parents thought his obsession with young putang ended with Aaliyah? ( i wont say the girl on the tap cuz he is innocent till he takes his molesting butt to court)

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Well we knew he hit anyway, but glad she’s clearing the air about certain rumors, very good. But Kellz shouldn’t have crossed that line, I don’t care if she was of age at the time. There is just certain things u don’t do. That’s why u can’t trust anybody around this man.

  • needed to be said

    he was generous huh? slipped her a few dollars and gave her da “d.” round my way, we call that prostitution

  • Toya

    Am I the only one who thinks R.Kelly needs to get help? He probably couldn’t wait when she was legal after watching her grow up. I really don’t mind this one because she’s 21 and grown, but he’s always doing this ish. He married Aaliyah when she was 15, had sex with another 15 year old and taped it, by the way, he peed and ejaculated on her and who knows how many other little teenage girls he could of been with. The sad thing about this is that R.Kelly has a daughter.

  • Nita

    “she resigned because she felt that Rob had ‘crossed the line’ by dating a girl that he has known since she was 7 years old.”

    if she was of age, then it’s none of mama’s business. she may forever be mama’s little girl — but she’ll be mama’s little girl when she’s 80 years old in a rocking chair.

    if she’s grown, and sleeping with R. Kelly of her own free choice, then that’s her own free choice, and mamaNem need to step out of it.

    If mama saw the relationship and felt it would be a conflict of interest to work for the man her daughter was sleeping….. mama should have just kept it to that instead of trying to make it into something evil.

  • Don King

    @ Toya, yeah he did nut in her grill and pissed on her. Freaks do that, and the young lady he did it to, …………. didn’t seem to mind after taking that cake from him did she? Also gave some pretty good head.

  • gap & gucci

    can we live r. alone?

    he likes them young. what else is knew?

    tons of girls can come from outta nowhere talkin about kels and his d. what’re you gonna do?

    it’s no longer news.

  • gap & gucci


  • backyard

    i like R. Kelly and all but if that was my

    damn daughter he was sleeping with along with the other girls he slept with and pee’d on i would want his ass locked up and throw away the key. he got a way with to much and if it was anybody else their asses would be locked up ASAP so why he so damn different. He’s to damn old to be messing wround with little girls half his damn age. he must be young minded because he’s never with someone is own age. And yes youngings make mistake but what about him he should know better.I have NO pity for his sorry ass.

  • Golden Shoes

    RKelly is a pedophile. Any grown women that would even waste time with him knowing this is mentally incapacitated. A mature grown women would view RKelly as a sick, MF. No matter how developed at 12-17 year old looks that is still a CHILD MENTALLY and LEGALLY.

    Men who think that is ok, your time is coming because you will have a daughter and she will be fully developed at 1o years old. Wonder how you will feel about this mess then!

    I do no longer support R Kelly, or M Jackson. Messing with children is disgusting!

  • Southern Belle 225

    @louisiana hot girl…what part of LA are you from?

  • whisper

    I feel bad for his wife

  • Just Fine

    Dumb ass R. Kelly. Why issue that statement anyway. He should have just kept his mouth shut and let the whole thing go away.

  • Kompton's Kutie


    I was thinking the same thing. U can’t marry someone like this and keep holdin on. Becuz he gets worse with time.

  • Lili

    I’m just mad the girl’s name is out there like that. So ppl know her name, age, and university. That really isn’t a good look. Her parents should have kept this story under wraps.

    Yes, she is grown, but a (young) woman’s sexual history should never be on display.

  • intenzemocha

    Wow this ish is so far from funny……

    men why will you defend or support anybody or anything that any male personally benefits from-no matter how immoral or unethical?

    r kelly could have sex with an infant & record and you mofos will rationalize that-

    the fact that he’s known this young woman since she was a child and has slept with her is in fact “disturbing” anyone male who watched me mature and grow into a young woman and hopefully helped me become the woman I am and helped me to form a positive view of men-was considered a family friend and wouldn’t cross that line-duh

    but simpletons will justify anything-men say stupid ish everday that basically states that they have no ability to control themselves or their sexual urges-hence r kelly can’t help himself and he’s somehow entitled to all of the young 14 & 15 year old “p#ssy” he can get because it’s readily available-never mind these girls are obviously promiscous (mental health issues), are prostituting themselves (illegal), and are being manipulated by a very wealthy and powerful man (if it isn’t wrong then why are 16 year old boys who are having consentual sex with girls their age being charged with rape and sent to prison?)

    this negro has settled out of court with at least 3 women under the age of 17 because he had sex with them underage (do your research) -no ole girl wasn’t underage but it shows a disturbing pattern-a grown azz man that could easily sleep with women in his own age bracket without paying a dime-persistenly pursues promiscuous, naive, underpriveledged, young women-why because R-kelly don’t like the sex unless it’s perverted

    I bet somebody in the hood that was older and well-respected, and probably male did the same thing to hm and he’s just repeating the cycle

    Oh yeah-did we forget that r-kelly has a wife, and obviously had to be poking ole girl above during the same time that he and his wife were living together…..

    and oh yeah he has two daughters with his wife, do you think that r-kelly would like one of his long-time friends jigging his little girl as soon as she became of legal age or preferred age-based on the comments on this site 14-16 seems about right?

    f*cking pervs! alot of yall are r-kelly behind closed doors

  • I'm Just Me


  • Don King

    @Im Just Me, yeah this new software they got has a lot of flagged words or terms.

  • Bird

    Whatever. She got played out by a man that is old enough to be her father. It happens to the best of us.

  • bree

    Feb 19, 2008 – 11:08 am needed to be said

    he was generous huh? slipped her a few dollars and gave her da “d.” round my way, we call that prostitution


    R. Kelly’s wife filed for divorce about 2 years ago.. she spoke about all the issues that led to her asking for a divorce as well as the fact that he was courting her when she was his fresh faced back up dancer






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