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Pitbull Got His Head Busted Lossip

Nicole Scherzinger Dripping Wet Celebslam

New Wu-Tang Clan Video: “Take It Back” Livesteez

Jessica Alba Cover Latina Magazine F-Listed

$6 Million for Pictures of JLo’s Wrinkly Newborns!?! Hollyscoop

Dog The N*gga Basher Returns to TV Dlisted

Fidel Castro’s Reign is Over Evil Beet

Britney Reminds Us What Her Twat Looks Like Cele|bitchy

Paris Hilton Loving Herself in a Bubblebath I’m Not Obsessed

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  • da darkness


  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    And I heard he kept performing…that’s showmanship for yo ass!

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar OH Nooooo


  • and another one.......

    Dayyym been a bad week for Pitbull with his label going bankrupt and all that poor thang!


    thats what happens when you talk real big and studio gangsta- like .. nicca will try yo ass lol

  • Jack Tripper

    Can I got to Cuba now and stop smuggling Cohibas across the Canadian border?? Dayum

  • NoWay

    What type of asshole comes to see a rap show and assualts the rapper? That is some punk ass crap right there. Bendito Pitbull.

  • NoWay


  • capt'n backslap

    LOL Pitbull cant even file for workmans comp. since his label went under!

  • Yes Yes Y'all

    Jessia “I’m not Mexican” Alba comes off sounding like an ass in Latina magazine. She’s very beautiful and an okay actress, but she’s not the brightest star in the sky. And she has said before that she doesn’t “identify” with the Latin community and never really considered herself latina, now all of a sudden she’s all down for her people and wants her baby to be dark? Please. She’ll have a heart attack if that baby doesn’t come out looking white. Trust.

  • Yes Yes Y'all

    * I meant Jessica. My bad 🙂

  • lalapaloosa

    I don’t know what Britney Spears has against panties. Does she have a bad experience with it or something? THIS IS REALLY GETTING FROM BAD TO WORST!

  • jojo

    Well Jessica’s man is half-black so that baby very well may come out a little dark.

  • keltharocka

    Thoes guys don’t play in the Lation clubs, cause if the bands don’t play what they want to hear, then they are ready to fight.

  • Brook

    Six million dollars for Jennifer’s petri dish babies? come on now!

  • Vito

    LOL. Somebody got off a good one on his chrome dome too.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    wtf happend?

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