Jesse Williams Shuts Down The “Angry Black Woman” Stereotype And Explains Why African-Americans Are Mad!

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Jesse Williams Shuts Down The Angry Black Woman Stereotype

Actor and socially conscious bae Jesse Williams recently talked to The Guardian about how he dealt with race growing up, Hollyweird beauty standards and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The star also shut down the stereotype that black Americans are inherently angrier than other races…

“There is zero evidence, zero evidence that black people are more inclined to be angry in vacuum than anybody else,” Williams says when I ask him about the prevailing stereotype of the angry black male and female that has haunted those in his profession as well as others – even including Barack Obama. “They are upset. Is being upset bad? Is anger just a negative quality?” Black Americans are not angry, Williams argues: rather, they are hurting.

“It doesn’t begin with rage, right. It’s a community that’s fu**ing hurting and is really disappointed in itself, in the people that it trusted, in the government it paid taxes to,” he points out. “That is where the frustration comes from.”

Shortly after we began the interview, Williams warned me that he tends to ramble. It’s more than that, though. He is passionate, often losing himself in his answers, taking you with him. “I don’t know what your question was,” he says at one point, looking down at his hands. Truth is, neither do I any more.

Do you think Black Americans are unfairly misjudged as angry or aggressive? You can read the full interview with Jesse HERE.

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