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Medical School Student Says NY Restaurant Denied Him Their Bathroom Because He Is Black

A medical student named Kim Ohaegbulam was transported back to the 1950s while celebrating with his fellow classmates at the Landmark Tavern in the Hell’s Kitchen section of NYC.

After downing a few drinks, it was time to drain the main vein, but the bar’s manager denied him entrance to the bathroom saying it was “only for paying customers according to the NYDailyNews

“I’ve never experienced anything like this in my 28 years, I’ve never been denied the use of a bathroom anywhere,” said Ohaegbulam, who grew up in Alabama and Florida.

Ohaegbulam, a student in the M.D. and Ph.D. program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ended up receiving a summons for disorderly conduct for making “unreasonable noise” after the manager called police. He is planning to file a lawsuit against the Landmark Tavern alleging he was the victim of racial discrimination, and the city for false arrest.

“I don’t like to play the race card, but it is what it was,” he said. “It was a blatant form of racial discrimination. I’ve got to make sure it doesn’t happen again at that establishment.

“I’m a medical student but I’m also a black man. I felt like what happened to me is the same as what happened during the civil rights era and Jim Crow.”

Ohaegbulam’s friends AND the on-duty security guard all vouched that he had been there drinking for almost an hour, but the d**khead manager wasn’t trying to hear it.

The NYPD was called and told him to take his complaint to the Better Business Bureau and leave the property. He was then handcuffed, arrested and taken in for booking.

Ohaegbulam has filed a nice big lawsuit against the bar. Hopefully he takes a sizeable chunk out of their profits.

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