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Kim Kardashian shops in Beverly Hills while taping an episode for the upcoming season of her reality show.

Fill in the Blank: Kim’s ass looks like _____________________.

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  • BossLady

    First!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  • Cage

    It looks like its gettin beat up properly…. She still ho-ish though…

  • FckedUp Patrol

    Damn u BossLady! Ur fast


    A million BUCKZ 1ST

  • BE


  • BossLady

    Phat as hell. I can’t hate on the girl. I’d hit and so would my bf………..ya dig………

  • Southern Belle 225

    Fill in the Blank: Kim’s ass looks like _____________________.

    a padded pillow.

  • anonomously yours

    If i were Reggie Bush I wouldn’t leave her alone either, she is beautiful from the front and the back. lol

  • Jahpson

    that dress is so cute.

    does anyone know where its from?

  • Reggie "Eats Kim's" Bush

    Her ass looks like two glazed christmas hams waiting to be carved. Good thing Im hungry.

  • DIM


  • yellow valley


  • *Sigh*

    “Two pigs fightin’ under a blanket.”

    10 points to the first person to get that reference :o)


    two words PADDEN UNDERWEAR

  • Amy

    Kim’s ass looks like an ass. Get over her!!!!

  • Devon

    @ *Sigh*

    Steel Magnolias. I LOVE that movie!

  • da darkness

    like….she needs some thick cock to spread that boody meat. mmmmm hmmm. girl getting the white gals hip to game this tv season, for real. lil ray got to be like i was “first!” lol “it was me who started it!” lol

  • yellow valley

    @ sigh

    steel magnolias

  • Bird

    Kim’s ass looks like a pillow. There is no indication that there is even a crack in her a$$. This is the first time I ever really thought she had to be padding it.

  • Stringer Bell

    ID MERK IT!!

  • John Shaft


    Steel Magnolias when Clairee Belcher comments on the mayors wife at Shelby’s wedding reception ” Looks like two pigs fightin’ under a blanket”

  • IMO

    Spanx and a microphone attached to her bra.

  • I let them rock the same mic is SBM

    lol “WHAT”!

  • da darkness

    I’d have to ask kim what number am i since i’d be getting ray and bush’s left overs, and i’m not for seconds but third it’ll be k


    Does she always have to match everything?? those boots with that sweater dress is so tacky.

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