Lucy Diamond Exposes Jay-Z (Sohh)

Posted By Royda

For those of you who don’t know who Lucy Diamond is, she is a white female rapper from Louisville. She recently wrote to SOHH revealing that the real reason she hasn’t blown up is because Jay-Z has messed up her chances. About a year ago Diamond began recording with Amil (former artist on Roc-a-Fella)and Jay was very interested, very interested. Diamond claims that one of the main reasons Jay was interested was because he thought she was bisexual and that would bring more attention to his label. She takes it even further and says that he was interested in her sexuality was because his mother is bisexual. WOW!!! Now that’s one hell of an accusation.

She also went on about Jay: “Def Jam is in a wack state now… Once again, Jay-Z’s ego has ruined something great, and his reputation continues to overshadow everything he gets involved with. I’m sure he’ll ask to change the label name from Def Jam to Def Jay. Now he’s on commercials saying, “CEO of hip-hop”… Hip-hop is not about that… He’s always saying, “J-Hova”, “God – MC” he is a blasphemer… Jay-Z’s artists have never been as successful as the hype he creates and his newest edition Lady Sovereignwill be no exception.”

Jay looks like someone has a big beef with you!



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