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Mathew Knowles Boasts About Beyoncé Being Unaffected By Rumors

Mathew Knowles is on quite the press run right now, BeyBey’s daddy — the man who managed her until their famous fallout in 2011 — is talking about his superstar daughter to the press yet again, bragging about her ability to stay above the rumor mill. Which he still manages to take credit for…

Heat Magazine via the Belfast Telegraph:

“You don’t even know half the stuff!” he told Britain’s Heat magazine when asked about the rumors. “I don’t have time to read it, but that stuff doesn’t mean anything to Beyoncé. I’m so proud of her – she’s surrounded with a wonderful team who I trained. Beyoncé will make mistakes, we all do, but she has learned from them.”

Nice how he praises her but still manages to sneak in how he’s the one who taught her and her team everything they know.

He also spoke on how his daughter took a leading role in her career from a young age and revealed that it was after Bey and her GirlTyme group members lost at Star Search that he decide to step in and offer his help:

“She was on Star Search when she was 12 and she was the one who’d say, ‘We have to practice more, we have to play longer,'” he recalled. “At that time, I was just a dad who carried the luggage. They were so convinced they’d win – they had a whole hotel room for their costumes. When they lost, it was a defining moment and I became part of the organization.”

Sounds like somebody misses his old job… And if he is looking for a way back in a Destiny’s Child reunion appears to be the most likely path he’ll take.

“There will be another Destiny’s Child album and a reunion,” he stated. “I got a wonderful email from Michelle two nights ago. She said, ‘Shouldn’t be a problem with you and I. I’m clear on who does what and that’s all that matters. I’ve been clear on my role for 15 years and have no issues.’ We set goals high and only had one – to be the number-one female artists of all time.”

Poor Michelle. We hope Bey doesn’t sic Solange on her for doing that! Mathew Knowles just threw her right under the bus — like ‘See, Michelle knows what it is!’

What do you think about Mathew Knowles doing all this Beyoncé press lately? Would you be annoyed if it was your dad?



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