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CNN Confuses Trailblazers’ Player LaMarcus Aldridge For Lamar Odom

We’ve been through this one too many times. We literally JUST published a piece about this very thing 3 days ago. The racist adage that “all black people look alike” ran it’s course a LONG time ago and these media outlets need to check themselves. Or better yet, let us check them.

Today, while discussing Lamar Odom’s recent health scare, the folks at CNN broadcasted a photo of Portland Trailblazer’s star LaMarcus Aldridge.

This mix-up is as offensive as it is lazy. First and foremost, these two men look absolutely noting alike. And while we’re sure that some would retort with the weak azz excuse that “their names are similar”, to which we which we respond “REALLY?!?!”

Lamar. LaMarcus. LA-MAR! LA-MAR-CUS!

It’s really not that difficult. Isn’t there someone with college degree who is getting a direct deposit every couple of weeks to ensure that things like this don’t happen? LaMarcus Aldridge has only played for one NBA team in his career, the Portland Trailblazers (he will be a Spur this upcoming season). Lamar Odom has played for 5 different NBA teams over his 15-year career, never for the Trailblazers. They aren’t the same height or skin tone, they don’t have the same hair style, hell, they don’t even wear the same number on their jerseys. There are literally a dozen different ways to distinguish one man from another.

We can’t say that we’ve seen Mel Gibson mistaken for Melissa McCarthy, Tom Brady confused for Tom Brokaw, or Taylor Swift mixed up with Taylor Lautner. Media seems to be able to tell these folks apart rather easily, bout time they show black folks the same respect.

CNN, we SEE you!

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