Tyrese is Pushing Up on “Transgender” Megan Fox?

- By Bossip Staff

Apparently, Tyrese is all over twitter sticking up for Megan Fox. He is booting people off his account and hinting toward being in a swirl love with her:

Well it looks like Shai isn’t the only one that’s having the hots for Megan Fox. Tyrese just announced on twitter that he has the hots for Megan Fox. But we just reported yesterday that Megan Fox is supposedly a transgenderWhich leaves us wondering about Tyrese. Tyrese also defends Megan Fox’s honor by cursing out a person who pretended to be the real Megan Fox on twitter. Tyrese scared this person so bad that they removed the fake twitter account.

Transgender? Damn, she’s too fine to be packin’ meat.  Not sure if we believe that one. SMH


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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • sdotta

    i agree shes blazing

  • whoa

    well she don’t look like a dude.. i don’t believe it

  • LeahLeah

    Lmao @ “packin meat”

  • Aquarela

    Don’t see the big deal with this chick. She’s mad dumb, her tatoos are mad tacky, and there doesn’t seem to be anything special in particular about her. Simply a pretty girl like all the rest.

  • dayg715

    i’ve had my suspicions about megan fox from day one. there is something quite trannyish about her…

  • laylah

    havent yall seen the pics of her in High School? This girl aint no man. Stop spreading stupid rumors.

  • DDub (keepin' it real since Wesley's mugshot)

    Definitely not a tranny. Yall must not have seen her spread in Esquire. Ain’t no dude built like that (aside from the fake tits). That sounds like pure hate.

  • K-mia

    meagan’s hot!!

  • chochachoppa

    I’m sorry but she ain’t that good-lookin! She aight but I know hotter chicks than her -no doubt!

  • John

    She looks good

  • hellonursenancy

    i don’t like when she disses ScarJo*

    sorry, my typing is off today

  • Ok...

    She is quite possibly the most overrated chick out there right now.

  • Kenny

    Why is it okay to say Ciara is a man but not Megan???? No one defend Ciara when this topic comes up…..why is that?

  • LOON

    she is goodlooking and she got blue eyes too.

  • Nikki88

    just like ciara – this girl is not a man…people just hate on a girl when shes doin her thing.

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    Go here for racial unity!

  • http://www.bossip.com BMWdriver540i. ...... .Looking at the haters thru my rearview

    @ Its6amHoGetOut

    Is she trangender or not I know you know because of the company you keep!

  • WordtotheWise

    They also call Wendy Williams a tranny. Are you happy now, ReJeanne?

  • Jay the Real One

    There some fineass latinas and some nice white chicks but I don’t slobber over all of them. She aiight.

  • me (the original)®

    While Meagan Fox is a female (she did work as a child), her beauty is the result of EXTENSIVE plastic surgery which is why to some people who don’t only see airbrushed or otherwise photo-shopped pictures of her, something might appear to be a bit off. She catches a lot of flack in general for all the she’s had done.

    She comes off as a little daft but I have no issues with her. She’s an alright actress, definitely better than some of the others out there. I just hope that when she hits her 40’s and 50’s, she doesn’t wind up looking like those before her who’ve lived by the knife and now look like they’re dying by the knife (ie Pamela Anderson, Vivica, etc)

  • http://Bossip D26Bmorebaby

    Whoever thinks Megan Fox looks like anything other than the hottest woman on 2 legs- is sick- she looks nothing like a tranny- shit- beyonce look more like a man than she do- she fine- ya all just mad cause its ANOTHER CASE OF A FINE BLACK MAN LOVING A FINE WHITE WOMAN- get over it haters- we white woman are takin over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marquis de Sade


    LOL! There you go again, talkin’ black, but sleepin’ white…Now go get yo’ “SALLY HEMMINGS ON”

  • Soleil

    And why is there a case of Z-list celebrities going around cursing people out on twitter for posing as a celebrity? Yall sound crazy Tyrese and Amber Rose!Just report them if it means that much to you.What are yall the Twitter police? And Meagan Good is way hotter than this pale chick.

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