Jas Prince Sues Birdman For Royalties Over Bringing Him Drake

Another Day Another Lawsuit: Jas Prince Sues Cash Money Records, Says They Owe $11 Mill For Drake Deal

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Jas Prince Says Cash Money Owes Him $11 Mil In Drake Deal

Cotdamn that’s a whole lotta money! We’ve all heard the story about how Jas Prince discovered Drizzy and brought him to Cash Money, well apparently Jas is still waiting to be paid for his find…

Via The Jasmine Brand reports:

Jas Prince filed a federal lawsuit against Cash Money Records last year accusing them of screwing him out of millions. He explained that back in 2007, he discovered Drake and signed him to Aspire Music Group. Then Cash Money approached them and they wanted to sign Drake, but to do so they had to agree to pay 22% of all Drake’s advances, net profits and other advances to Jas Prince & Aspire.

Jas claimed Cash Money owes him $4 million and he filed suit for breach of contract. Lil Wayne’s label fired back claiming they never had a deal with Jas and the contract was signed by Aspire and that’s who they pay NOT Jas.

Prince also filed suit in NY court against Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, an executive of Aspire, claiming he screwed him over on the deal they signed with Cash Money to bring them Drake.

Bryant responded to that suit, explaining that Aspire has been attempting to audit the records of Cash Money to see how much they have made from Drake’s royalties and how much is owed because they believe they haven’t been paid all that they are due. Bryant claims Jas has been paid his percentage from what was received from Cash Money, but he says it hasn’t been much because Cash Money hasn’t paid what’s due. Bryant also stated that Aspire is owed millions of dollars from Drake’s music royalties.

That case is still ongoing, but Prince has filed a separate suit against Cash Money.

On October 6th, Jas Prince headed back to court explaining he fears the money he is owed will never be seen if the court doesn’t take action immediately. Prince explains that per the deal he signed with Aspire he is owed his commission on Drake’s music, which he now claims comes out to a total of $11 MILLION DOLLARS.

He says Aspire and Cortez Bryant are refusing to collect on the money owed to Jas against Cash Money. Jas believes this is due to their friendship with Lil Wayne and Cash Money/Young Money. Therefore, he is demanding the court appoint a temporary receiver to sue Cash Money for him since he cannot sue them per his deal with Aspire. The judge as yet to make a decision on Jas’ motion.

There’s a long line of people trying to get their money from Birdman, do you think Jas will have any success?

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