MmmmOhMyGod: Mathew Knowles Says He Attends Carter Family Functions & Says THIS About Elevator Gate

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Mathew Knowles On “The Breakfast Club”

Mathew Knowles  stopped by “The Breakfast” Club this week and spoke candidly with Charlemagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy on a number of topics.

Beyonce’s dad was grilled on a number of topics including being dropped as a manager by Beyonce:

“I think the same thing with her mother…with her mom, she wanted someone else to style her. With me, she wanted to have someone else to manage her, she wanted to run her own business. We taught our kids, both Solange and Beyonce, entrepreneurship. They grew up in an entrepreneurship household.

“I don’t know about you but I know for sure I don’t want to be around my parents as I got older. So I don’t know why that comes as a surprise to anyone. At 30 years old, you’re a grown a** woman. Do your stuff yourself. I’m happy that most of her team worked for me and I trained them. From her GM, to her road manager…they do an exceptional job.

He also explained why he’s seemingly nowhere in sight when the Carter/Knowles family takes pictures and confirmed whether or not he’s close to his superstar daughter. According to him, he’s always around he just declines to take photos because “he “doesn’t need to be in the front.”

For years, I don’t need to be in a photo. That’s not my role. My role is as a manager, is not be in the front. I stay behind and make sure everything else goes right. So most of the time I never want to be up in the front. Now I do it more because I have a book coming out and seminars…

Do you believe him???

He did just say he likes playing Play-Doh with Blue Ivy.

He also spoke on the alleged Destiny’s Child yard sale:

“I have a block in downtown Houston […] There’s a lot of stuff collecting over the years and someone on my staff said, ‘what if we sell this stuff.’ If I was gonna sell something I’d sell my watch first…”


Hit the flip for more of Matty on “The Breakfast Club” and see what he says [once again] about his daughter Solange beating the breaks off his son-in-law in an elevator…

On Elevator Gate:

“It’s a great Jedi Mind Trick.”

Sigh, a “jedi mind trick.” AGAIN?

On what he thinks about Tina Knowles re-marrying:

“I’m not going to answer that.”

Watch Mathew Knowles’ “Breakfast Club” interview below.

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