Put On Blast: Mom Reveals Son’s Adopted Immigrant Past After Reading His Racist Facebook Post

- By Bossip Staff

Mom Reveals Son’s Adopted Immigrant Status After Reading Racist Facebook Post

Facebook is full of foolishness. Inflammatory fake new articles, debates of the most moronic kind, and good ol’ fashioned racism and bigotry.

This story is a case of the latter. An unknown Facebook user who can only be distinguished by the fact that he is a banker, was recently demolished by his own mother who was none-too-pleased with the content of her son’s page.

The aforementioned banker, who is likely a Donald Trump supporter, shared an offensive meme along with an even more offensive caption:

This was followed up by a slew of this guy’s bigoted brethren’s comments co-signing the ugly sentiment.

Now, enter the mom, who stepped in with some ether so hot it left us looking at our computer screens like:

Ready? Here it goes:

Daaaaaamn, Gina! She bascially just told her son that he’s a Kardashian and he needs to STFU forever. Way to go momma!

Image via Shutterstock/Facebook

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