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Indiana University Student Shouting White Power Attacks Muslim Woman

Police arrested a racist Indiana University student on several charges after he brutally attacked an innocent Muslim woman. Witnesses say the assault was racially-motivated according to Fox 59 reports:

According to Bloomington Police, a Muslim woman was sitting at the café with her 9-year-old daughter when a man began shouting derogatory phrases and ethnic slurs at the woman.

The man, later identified as Triceten Bickford, 19, allegedly shouted “white power” and “kill them all.”

Bickford then grabbed the woman by her neck and slammed her head into the table. He then attempted to remove the woman’s headscarf.

The woman’s husband saw what was going on and he rushed to her aid along with another man.

They successfully pinned Bickford to the ground and waited for police to arrive. While they were waiting, Bickford spit into the men’s faces and continued making threats.

When police took Bickford into custody and placed him into the patrol car, he kicked at the windows.

When officers arrived at the Monroe County Jail with Bickford, he bit an officer in the lower leg. Officers administered a BAC test and his BAC was 0.195.

The ain’t isht racist faces these charges:

One count of intimidation

One count of public intoxication

Two counts of misdemeanor battery

One count of felony-level battery

One count minor consumption of alcohol

One count strangulation




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