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Westboro Baptist Church Protests Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

Members of the ain’t isht Westboro Baptist Church traveled to Kentucky to protest infamous county clerk Kim Davis.

Via HuffPo:

Four members of the church, which is best known for its opposition to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, waved “fag marriage” signs and crooned an obscenity-laced parody version of Neil Diamond’s “Kentucky Woman” on a street corner not far from the courthouse, The Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

“Kentucky woman put sin in the spotlight,” the members sang to Diamond’s tune. “She lies about God and claims that adultery’s alright/And God hates her!”

The group left after just 30 minutes, according to reports, and Davis remained inside the courthouse for the duration of the picket.

Still, the move shouldn’t be misinterpreted as the church’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. Parishioners say their contention with Davis stems from the fact that she’s been married four times, making her a “self-righteous hypocrite.”

Is this the twilight zone?!




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