Face Off: RiRi and Breezy Go to Court

- By Bossip Staff

Today’s the day. Breezy and RiRi are going face to face in court and with all of the rumors and drama that have been goin’ around these past few months, its hard to say how things will turn out for these two. Pop the top for more

Rihanna has a big date with Chris Brown today … along with a judge, a few lawyers and a courtroom full of onlookers.

RiRi is set to take the stand as a witness against Chris Brown in his preliminary hearing, which begins at 1:45 PM PT.

Rihanna’s testimony is hugely important. Will she stick to the story she told cops the night of the beating? Rihanna said Brown had beaten her before and the violence was escalating.

One big question — will Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, cross-examine Rihanna? We’re told if the case goes to trial Geragos will make a big point that Rihanna was the intial agressor, repeatedly hitting him before he began pounding on her.

Also hugely important .;… the photos of Rihanna’s battered face. We’ve published one pic graphically showing the brutality of the beating. But we’re told that photo pales by comparison to the next day after the bruising and swelling settled. Those photos will almost certainly be introduced into evidence during the prelim.

The judge has rejected TV or livestream coverage. We’ll have constant updates.

If RiRi wants to put Chris away, she can. The power is all in her hands right now. Breezy better be praying she’s in a good mood.


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  • ThaTruth

    Wow… 1st huh??… i wanna thank everyone who made this possible..umm.. C.Breezy got enuff money 2 get off on anything so…thats that. If Ti only had to do 365hrs for coppin machine guns, chris aint gone do 36mins for givin her da Ike Turner treatment…lol

  • Miss me?

    Whee…U get your nut today!

  • ThaTruth

    damn i was typin so fast tryna get dat 1st but looks like its mine for da takin… wut i meant was TIP only had 365 days so C.Breezy aint gone do 365secs…thats my only typo.. Yall kno yall still luv da “NEW GENERATION 09′ IKE TURNER”

  • Tina

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  • KC

    Nothing will come of this…he has money.

  • K.J.

    damn neva mind…yall be on it…lol


    Blah Blah Blah… I want to know how many people on facebook have their boo as a friend…my freinds and I have an ongoing debate about this…some players say facebook is dangerous…

  • ThaTruth

    Might as well promote my homeboy while im here… check out: http://www.myspace.com/heytdubble. Thats my lil homie he be doin his thang out in TX.

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Can’t wait to see how this pans out..this fool has been living it up on 50,000 bail! He should have been staying under the radar.

  • .....

    Please . . . men hit women every day and they are still walking free.

  • Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    I pray for them both. It’s a lose-lose situation for both.

  • 303

    i can’t beleive some of the comments here –
    are you guys saying that its ok for your man
    to beat on you: wow, well i hope ri ri go in that court room with her head held high and testify against this monster chris brown – someone stated in their comment that chris brown has money – so nothing will come out of it – i guess you can beat on your woman as long has you have money, and you will get away with it –
    this is a true ghetto site –

  • NitaBonita

    my bad the second part of my last comment was directed @ ava scott

  • lies and bullshit

    the elipses (…)is right

  • lies and bullshit

    my prediction is both will lie to some degree today… why didn’t rihanna call the police, herself? where were her “people” or even his? there are so many holes in the story… it’s rather odd, if you look at it. if he beat her before(allegedly), why wasn’t “princess” protected? I smell a bunch of ritualistic(as twisted and grotesque as that sounds)bullshit!

  • lies and bullshit

    …he’ll pay a fine and will have to serve a couple hours of service to the city of L.A.

  • missunderstood

    I’m just holding out for the transcripts… I want to know exactly how he ended up beating the f*ck out of this girl….they will probably be released daily, like in the R. Kelly trial when they didn’t let the media in…. In any event, the damage is already done to them both in bad publicity, rumors, and hearsay…

  • http://yahoo hypocrisy at it's best

    excuse my mispelling, it should be its, not it’s…anywho, lmao at “lies and bullshit” I believe it was a publicity stunt, odd as it sounds but She has been gaining so much publiicity behind it, and for whoever states no one would go this far…uh don’t forget this is hollyweird

  • http://yahoo hypocrisy at it's best

    lmao at the gender bias…

  • Sydney™

    The most interesting aspect of this case to me is how it revealed surprising pathologies concerning how domestic violence is viewed in our community. I’ve been amazed at how many men and women have reacted as if punches and other violence are just a normal component of relationships — that there are times when women deserve to be hit. Is this what people are teaching their children nowadays? That it’s sometimes OK to use your hands on another person, even if that person is a girl/woman? It’s frightening, to say the least, particularly given the prevalence of domestic violence in our community and the number of lives it has destroyed.

  • Melanie

    I’m going to laugh at all the haters when Breezy walk and all yall look stupid the boy is innocent and its so obvious.
    It was a fight end of story.

  • .

    well if she did hit him first thats wrong. he made the choice to hit her back so he has to deal with it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcstansb Man I just dont care™

    Why is this still news? Does anyone really care anymore?

  • Melanie

    These poor Rihanna stans gonna be crying all day when they find out there idol is a man beater SMH.

  • Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    @ Sydney… I hear you. I come from a culture where the male is the dominant being and have on many occassions witnessed a woman being put in her place (even myself). Cops don’t even bother anymore because the woman will drop the charges but it will be her elders or her parents making her do it. It’s normal and for me this case has made me realise that my mindset is a bit shaky on the matter. I still think she had to have done something to provoke him. And that’s the way I was brought up.

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