The Cougar Strikes Again

- By Bossip Staff

Auntie Viv sank her claws into some new meat over the weekend. Looks like Chris Stokes is her latest prey. She was seen out dining with him at Mr. Chow’s. Pop the top for more pics

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  • MAMI A

    no!! stay away he likes lil boys!

  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    this is just business, he is gay, either that or she is just mental….

  • You Think?

    Aunt Viv likes ’em young…this brotha looked like Timbaland at first glance.


    …UH..GURL TALK!!


  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.

    She looks a mess. White jeans never look right…

  • Lacey

    Chris Stokes likes little boys, Vivica is not his type.

  • 2turntables & a Mike

    And if you eat at Mr. Chows… you just wanna be seen. If she was really puttin the hooks out, it would be on the dl first. I meant she wouldn’t be so obvious.

  • ms2u

    No Chris No Chris No – RazB looking boy (lol)

  • JB (undacuva for a sec)

    Well her stock has dropped. So she must get it in where she can

  • Nigga Said

    I want to spill red Kool Aid on her.

  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.

    LMAO @ her entire ensemble (hoodie, jeans, shoes)…

  • shavondenise

    Looks like they were just walking out at the same time. Forget the fact that she likes young men I would hope that she likes a REAL man not a chester!

  • Man I just dont care™

    They are probably just good “girlfriends.” They both like young men so they have that in common.

  • missunderstood

    @Re—>I live in Bilbo Baggin’s shirt pocket.

    She looks a mess. White jeans never look right…
    LMAO! I know, right!

  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.


    Is that you and your husband in your gravie?

  • Mrs. Rance

    Hollywood is crazy. Those thirsty negroes will do anything if the price is right. How can she justify being seen publicly with this pedofile? I’m through with Viv. Celebs can keep rewarding bad behavior if they want, but it’s the fans who pay them. Chris Stokes should be boycotted and if Viv wants to work with him boycott her knifed up behind too.

  • .....:)


  • Mike

    Broke? Get up to $1500 with No Credit Check
    Broke? Get up to $1500 with No Credit Check

  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    i can do some damage to some white jeans Re…only in the summertime though!

  • Jade Silver (the countdown has begun)

    @ Re… Hey girl, long time.

    Vivica needs to find a man and stop commiting chicken murder.

  • De'Vincent

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  • Frog-a-licious

    Ewwww! How random.

  • Somer

    Viv has ready bad taste in men. I would not want this pediphile in my presence for business or personal reasons.

  • missunderstood

    @Re—>I live in Bilbo Baggin’s shirt pocket.


    Is that you and your husband in your gravie?

    I am sure it is… lol… I can’t see that Gravie any more, but I guess it still shows sometimes… 🙂



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