Khloe Kardashian Cancels Divorce After Lamar Odom Swears Off Drugs Forever

Loving someone with an addiction has to be hard. Usually an addict will lie, steal, cheat and take advantage of those who love them in order to achieve their ultimate goal of getting high or drunk or whatever. This is the precarious position that Khloe Kardashian has found herself in, loving a man who has serious issues and choosing to believe in him anyway.

According to a TMZ report, Khloe decided to scrap her divorce to Lamar Odom at the 25th hour because, wait for it…he SWORE to her that he would never get faded off weed, pills, powder, drank, or anything else ever again.

Lammy wouldn’t be the first addict to swear off drugs after nearly meeting his or her maker. It’s almost cliché, “God, if you bring me through this, I promise that I’ll never hit that pipe, sip that liquor, sniff the white, smoke that blunt, ever ever again.”

A source close to the situation says that Lamar was extremely grateful that Khloe rushed to his bedside and proclaimed his love for her. According to the aforementioned source, Lamar’s raw emotions broke Khloe down and she immediately hit her lawyer to get the divorce case dropped.

The rest of the Kardashians aren’t quite sold that Lamar will really stay clean as they’ve heard this type of talk from him in the past.

We should note, however, that perhaps Khloe is just keeping her “wife” title so that she can legally make decisions regarding Lamar’s health in the near future.

Can’t say that we’re surprised at any of this, it’s the perfect plot twist in the ongoing saga that is the Kardashian soap opera.

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